A vibrant, close-up shot of a Taichi Bubble Tea cup, showcasing the colorful tapioca pearls at the bottom. The cup is set against a minimalist white background, highlighting the rich colors of the tea.

Unveiling the Magic of Taichi Bubble Tea: A Comprehensive Guide’s How Taichi Bubble Tea Became a Sensation

Have you ever wondered what the fuss about Taichi Bubble Tea is?

Well, you’re about to find out.

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Taichi Bubble Tea, a popular chain in the United States, offers a variety of bubble tea flavors, sushi burritos, and poke bowls.


The first Taichi Bubble Tea store opened in 2015 in Rochester, New York.

Since then, it has expanded to multiple locations across the United States.


The menu at Taichi Bubble Tea includes a wide range of bubble tea flavors, from classic milk tea to fruity flavors like mango and strawberry.

They also offer a variety of food options, including sushi burritos and poke bowls.


Q: Is there a way to order online and pickup? They often don’t answer the phone.

A: Yes, you can order online for pickup!

Q: How is the chicken at Taichi Bubble Tea?

A: The chicken wings are more like chicken Tofu. If you’re a heavy eater, you might want to try the Tea instead.

Q: How is the sushi burrito at Taichi Bubble Tea?

A: The sushi burrito is customizable and always delicious. The seaweed wrap is easy to bite through, and the ratio of tuna to everything else is fantastic.

Q: How is the taro bubble tea at Taichi Bubble Tea?

A: The taro bubble tea is good. It’s delicious and would’ve been absolutely perfect were it not missing the bubbles.