Healthy Alternative To Tapioca Pearls

Our tapioca pearls are prepared with certified organic tapioca, ginger and purified water. We don’t use any preservatives, sugars or artificial flavors. Not only do they offer an alternative to bubble teas, but they’re also great for creating innocent smoothies (even without the bubbles), tropical drinks, chewy puddings or as a gelatin replacement in Jello or panna cotta.

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[Music] hey guys i’m lucia welcome to my channel when i first started working from home i was like yes this is my golden opportunity to lose weight i don’t have to commute to work so that gives me more time to cook healthy and exercise but it turned out that after i started working from home i sit in my bed about 201 t three and a half hours every single day so before i knew it i gained three pounds so today i decided that i’m going to restart my diet and we’re going to start by making some sugar-free brown sugar boba i pull into your driveway it’s a saturday night you look like a million bucks wearing that dress i like you’re [Music] [Music] count on me there’s a party in the backyard that’s your problems away i’m all about the good vibes [Music] right but i will make you forget all your sorrows [Music] there’s a party in the backyard [Music] well this one just tastes like a regular one for sure it just tastes like regular boba and the first bowl it’s too hard this one’s softer so this boba is better yeah i just want better but we’re good i like it very chewy what score would you give from zero to ten [Music] eight eight what about this one one five so we’re giving you a new flower recipe every single week during these crazy times please feel free to take pictures of [Music] get some rest come by your site [Music] lay your head on my chest know you’ve had a really bad day [Music] okay if all the blues we’re gonna be okay [Music] hey guys it’s five o’clock now and i just changed into long pants because andrew and i are gonna go out now to volunteer with a rabbit rescue and it’s outdoors so there might be mosquitoes and stuff so i figured pants would be better [Music] oh gosh there’s a bunny do you guys see it he’s right there they’re domestic what they do only the squirrel looking ones are wild like this color is not [Music] these bushes are so thorny one of the funniest years is it just breaks my heart [Music] oh [Music] this is the bunny with the ear injury it’s okay you’re safe now hey guys update we got the bunnies they’re gonna go see the vet right now and after they’re spayed and neutered they’ll be ready for adoption i’m so glad that they’re safe now and they’re going to go home to great families thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you guys next time bye [Music] you

Bubble Tea Tapioca Balls

The secret to making bubble tea perfectly every time is in our Bubble Tapioca Pearls—they’re made from tapioca, milk, and water. Use them to make smooth and creamy bubble tea that your customers will love! Used with our beautiful Pearlizer, they’ll create beautiful, carb-free bubble tea.

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(soft music) – Hey everyone, this is Inga. It is Sunday today. It’s a beautiful day outside. I’m at home, in my kitchen. A bunch of you have asked me how I make my own boba at home, so I figured today would be a great day to kind of show you guys how I do it. I’m thinking of making a brown sugar boba milk, because recently it’s just been blowing up in New York. I had the chance to go to OG location in Taiwan. Apparently, it’s shut down now, but basically, it’s (speaks foreign language). And brown sugar boba milk is pretty just brown sugar, boba, and milk. There’s no tea involved, so it’s really Just these really sweet, really indulgent drinks. It’s actually fairly simple to make it at home. Today, I am going to make my own version of it, so then I can just enjoy it in the comforts of my own home and hopefully you can too. Let’s get started on the boba first. There’s really only three ingredients. Tapioca starch, there’s water, and then there is brown sugar. And you just combine these together. Taking it off the heat to combine it with some tapioca starch. Put it back on and let it slowly cook to thicken. It’s almost like thick mochi sauce. We are now good to add the rest of the starch and combine. You don’t wanna over mix it, but then you also wanna make sure that it’s like combined. Pouring it out. And now we knead. You just wanna keep on kneading this while it still retains it’s heat. Combine it all, combine it all. (light music) There we go. This could be one giant boba ball. But we’re not going that today, so I’m gonna roll this out now and make this into little boba balls. I wanna make sure they retain their moisture while we work on this one. (light music) This feels really smooth right now. Now we can start chopping it up. Now roll it up like so. Our first three boba balls. Now we’re just gonna keep going. This is definitely the most time consuming process. There’s a hack that somebody did where they used a straw to kind of stamp the boba balls out. Here’s your first batch of boba balls. There are little uneven, but that’s okay. It’s just for me to eat anyways. They kind of look like soy beans right now. Throw them in here and toss them around just to coat it. I’ve got these two more mini doughs to go, so I’m gonna finish this off and hopefully we’ll have plenty of boba by the end of this. (soft jazz music) A little toss. All my boba is now done. It looks like this. So these are the ones that you can buy at the Asian markets. These are the ones I made. They look kind of similar. And I think even though I said some of them came out uneven, they actually look pretty similar shaped here. You could probably feed like two or three people with this, but I’ll probably eat it all by myself. Let’s get the water boiling and cook these. Now we can toss this in just like that. Give it a little stir. The ratio is important, you don’t want too little water. Since I’m not making that much, this is a pretty good amount. So I’m gonna let it boil for I think around 15 minutes, then I’m gonna cover it up, turn off the heat, and let it sit for another 10 minutes. I’m gonna go sit down and chill for a little bit. The boba’s almost done, so over here, I am gonna start working out our brown sugar syrup. This is the muscovado sugar I’ve been using. Then I’m gonna add enough sugar for it to dissolve. Now we just wait for this to melt. Okay, the boba is now done. I have a bowl of ice water here, which I’m gonna put the boba in. This step really just helps it become more QQ, which is to give it that bounce and chewiness. Look at them, wow. They feel like they’re gonna be super chewy right now. And then we’re gonna go back over to this side and add the boba into the brown sugar. My boba. So I’m just gonna cook these down now until it becomes that beautiful syrup. It’s super goopy now. I think it’s looking really good. There we go. I have all the components ready now, now it’s just to build the drink. This is the most exciting part. (light music) There we go. And here it is, our brown sugar boba milk. Ta da! Wow, I am so excited. I feel like I might have gone a little heavy on the brown sugar. It’s gonna be really sweet, but– Oh, okay. I know I’m just drinking milk right now, but I do wish I had a boba straw. Mix it up a little. Oh, this is so good. This is so satisfying. There’s also a lot of sugar in here. The boba is like perfectly chewy. It really just smells like caramel pudding. It smells so good. Right now it just looks like milk tea. I’m just adding in some tea that I made earlier. Oh my god, this is amazing. I hope this was helpful. I already finished most of my boba during the time I’ve been talking to you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this video. I had a lot of fun. Honestly, I just make a bunch of stuff at home all the time, the most randomest things. If you guys like seeing me do that, let me know in the comments. If you haven’t subscribed to already, subscribe, and let me know what else you wanna see. This was a great success, yay! (light jazz music)

Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls

Our Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls are the authentic treat you’re looking for. They are exotic, aromatic, light and fresh with a perfect full-bodied chew. Made of tapioca pearls, these bubble tea pearls are crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle–not at all like the little balls found in retail bubble tea. Use our Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls to make authentic bubble tea drinks or just enjoy them by themselves!

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♪ Smart, smart, smart, smart, smart ♪ ♪ Face face ♪ – Greetings, my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy and welcome back. Today I’m gonna be making homemade boba. Boba are those little tapioca pearls. You can find them in those lovely sweetened drinks. Sometimes they contain tea, sometimes they contain milk, but they always contain those beautiful chewy balls of tapioca that create an experience that you’re kind of simultaneously eating and drinking. It sounds kinda nutsy but it’s amazing. Now a few months back, actually probably more like six months ago, I made a recipe for homemade boba. It was inspired by Cooking Tree. And in that video, I made the boba and I rolled them by hand which ended up being a very arduous process. It took a long time. Like, “Oh, it’ll be fine,” and it was fine, but it took a long time. And in the comments, a few of you mentioned that there might be a better and faster way. So in my research, I discovered this antique that was used to make pills that were ball-shaped. It was, basically you had a dough of the medication that you were making and you made a snake and used the machine to roll perfect little spheres of medicine. So then I fell down the hole that is the internet and I discovered carp bait. – [Man] What? – Carp Bait. Carp meaning fish. So from my understanding, the sport of carp fishing is mostly centralized in the UK. And one of the favorite baits that are used are something called boilies, which are homemade carp bait that are made using this tool. Which looks a lot like that old antique tool that I found, but this of course is made with modern materials all in plastic. So I purchased this online. It’s made by the Gardner company and it’s called a Rolaball Longbase. Quite a name, right? There’s two pieces. You take a strip of dough and place it there. You put this on top and then you roll it like this and then it will roll a bunch of balls at the same time. They should be perfectly round and you can get how many? One, two, four, six, eight, 10, 12. 12 times as fast. Now I was super happy with the results of the boba recipe from last time, so I’m gonna be using it again today. If you wanna see the original video, I will put a link down below. Okay, let’s make this. Now if you see little black dots moving around this wall or in the corner or on me or around, those are ants. I have carpenter ants in my space, but. They are harmless. Well, they’re probably chewing on wood, which is probably not a great thing, but yeah. We’ll see if we can co-exist with the ants. If not, we might have to sprinkle cinnamon. I’ve heard cinnamon works. Do you have any tips, tricks, to keep ants away without, you know, poisoning myself and my environment? Let me know down in the comments. All right. A little bit of a tangent. So, we’re gonna need three ingredients to make boba. We’re gonna need some muscovado sugar. We’re gonna need some tapioca powder and some water. Oh, we’re also gonna need some flame. So, let’s get some flame into here. We’re going to take 60 grams of water. Foop. Heat that up. Along with 45 grams of muscovado sugar. Now we need a spatula. Right here. Oh boy. And we’re just gonna dissolve that into, (metal clanks) we’re gonna dissolve that into a syrup. Now we’re gonna turn off the heat and now we have 90 grams of tapioca flour. A teaspoon of that right into the hot syrup. And this is to help prevent lumping. So we’re gonna add a little bit of that in first before we turn on the heat again. And we’re gonna cook this until it’s thickened. It’s like a glue. Take that off the heat. I’m gonna add the remaining tapioca flour and stir that in. Initially when you do this, it looks like there’s gonna be too much starch. But the last time I made it, it all incorporated in. Empty it onto our surface here. Now we’re just gonna knead all the tapioca flour into there. And get out any kind of lumps. Oh this is such a pleasure. It gets so smooth and so warm. I love it. So, I’m gonna reserve half and put it into a plastic bag so it doesn’t dry out. Now the part that I’ve been waiting for. Let’s see if the bait maker will work. (screams) So excited about this. Okay. Meanwhile, I’m gonna get some water boiling behind me so we can cook these once we’re done. So we’re gonna place the strip of dough right here. Place this right on top. Press down and roll. (spring boinging) Uh-oh. Press down and roll. (plastic scraping) I got one! (laughs) Aw. Let’s try that again and dust it with a little bit of tapioca flour. I think my snake was a little too thin. ‘Cause they’re not really touching. They’re not quite big enough. (plastic scraping) Oh, it’s working! It’s working, it’s working, it’s working. Two. Okay, okay. So, I think what I have to do is make my snake a little bit fatter so that the dough actually touches the pieces of the equipment here. All right. Yes! So once we figured this all out, this does indeed work. So, what we need to do is make sure the snake isn’t so narrow. So instead of going for 12, I’m gonna go for 10. And put the snake in the middle. All right, here we go. Push down and roll. Am I getting boba yet? No! (chuckles) Now let’s try dusting it. Now let’s try rolling them. Here we go. It’s not really working here, friends. Oh no. That first time it worked better. Now I think I made them too fat. So, I think at this point, I have plenty of starch on my tool. So let’s remove some of the starch. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Yeah. Ready, here we go. Push that on. That first one worked. Why isn’t the other ones working? It looks like this is a case where using a tool for something else for something else (laughs) is mostly a fail rather than a success. But it does do it faster. Is it more convenient? I’m not exactly sure, so. Some of these are perfect. Look at that, it just rolls off perfectly. That’s satisfying. Maybe this’ll be the one. Ready? Not really. I think I figured something out. I think I had too much starch on my little rolly ball machine. That’s why the first batch worked best. In terms of getting the right diameter for my machine, place the dough in there, take this, give it a good press. And that will give me the diameter. Place it in here. Take the top. Press and roll. Yes! Got it! (sighs) That feels so good. Almost every single one. There you have it! Boba, yes! So, it wasn’t a fault of the machine. It’s just a matter of trying to figure out what’s going on here in terms of consistency with our dough. But, it does work. So pleased. ‘Cause I thought this was gonna be a failure and it’s not. It’s not. So this machine also comes in different diameters. I was only able to get the 12 millimeter and based on this, I think they should be a little bit smaller than this. So, just for your own information. I’m gonna go ahead and make the rest of these and then we will cook these up. Yeah, so excited! (light music) All righty, my lovelies. I am back. I’ve already cooked my boba. It is very simple to do that. You can bring a small saucepan of water up to the boil. Dump your shaped balls in and they’re going to sink to the bottom. Now resist the urge to nudge them because they’re very squishy at this point and you want your boba to be round. So the boba will come to the surface. And once they come to the surface, you’re gonna set your timer for 20 minutes. Then you’re gonna reduce the heat and just allow these to simmer for 20 minutes and then turn off the heat and let them sit for 20 minutes in the cooking liquid. Okay, so now we are at the point in which we are going to make our syrup. We’re gonna add 75 grams of Muscovado sugar. Into that we’re going to add our cooked boba. Look at these, they look amazing. Look at that! Don’t they look great? These are so much bigger than the ones I made last time. But they’re all the same size, which is great. I’m so glad that this work out. I was about to call this experiment a wash, but it’s just a matter of learning how to use the tool. Now, all we’re gonna do is just dissolve the sugar. That’s all we’re doing. This is looking great! (light music) So syrup is made. So this time around, I have larger boba so I’m gonna use a larger glass. Gonna place some of our beautiful boba into my glass. So spin the glass all around. Next, we’re gonna add some ice. Not that piece of ice. (chuckles) (glass clinking) Now we’re gonna top it with some milk. Oh yeah, that’s beautiful. And then just to make it extra decadent, gonna add a little bit of heavy cream. Boop. Last time I whipped the heavy cream up, but I found that it’s not really necessary. There you have it. A beautiful boba drink made with a bait maker. (laughs) Yay! It worked. All righty. The time has come to finally taste the fruits of my labor. We have the brown sugar boba made with a fish bait maker. Let’s give it a go. I’m gonna stir everything together. Make sure that the brown sugar gets incorporated into that. Itadakimasu! They still fit up the straw. Yes, haha! Mm. So good. Mhmm. This is so stinkin’ good. So it reminds me of ice cream, but is a little bit lighter than ice cream, but it has that lovely dairy richness that I associate with ice cream. It’s of course thinner in consistency. It’s not frozen. It’s not like a milkshake where it’s really thick. But you get that wonderful pleasure of cream and milk and sugar combined with the chewy bounciness of boba, which are absolutely delightful. The homemade versions I think are so much more superior than the manufactured ones. They still have a nice chew to them, but they’re softer and more tender. Slightly warm because we had it in the syrup. It’s just so good. Mhmm. The homemade boba not only have a better texture, being soft and bouncy, yet supple and smooth, but they’re slightly sweeter and they just taste really caramelized in molasses. They have a lovely flavor. Be sure to check out my other boba recipes. I have one for milk tea. I have one for a matcha and I also have another one for the homemade boba as well if you don’t have the bait maker. Mm, mm, mm. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something. Please share this video with your friends. Follow me on social media, like this video, subscribe and I shall see you in the next one. Toodaloo, take care. Bye. (Emmy belches) I don’t know where they come from, peeps. I really don’t. (light music) Wow.

Expandex Modified Tapioca Starch

expandex™ Modified Tapioca Starch is a modified tapioca starch designed specifically for use in the manufacture of low fat baked foods. The unique texture imparted to the food by this ingredient permits recipes with less fat and fewer calories to taste very similar to higher fat, high calorie alternatives. All the benefits of tapioca starch, plus an enhanced texture that yields desirable end-use characteristics – expandex™ Modified Tapioca Starch replaced some of the sugar in a recipe for low-fat cookie bars.

Video Transcript

tapioca starch it’s a really simple ingredient you probably have it in your pantry and you probably already work with it but it might not be as simple as you think it is and today on WTF we’re gonna look at all of our types of tapioca starch and show you how to make a great tapioca noodle [Music] hello and welcome to WTF where we transform food here in the modernist pantry Test Kitchen I’m chef Scot Guerin and I’m Jani Wang one of the owners of modernist pantry here on WTF every week we transform food with fun ingredients techniques new recipes and if you like what you see remember comment subscribe and ring the bell they’ll make sure that you’re gonna be notified of our fresh content it comes out every single Tuesday out of our Test Kitchen and this week Scott and I we’re going to be talking about tapioca starch and you probably already have some in your pantry and we thought it was kind of a simple thing to talk about but in reality there are many different types of tapioca starch –iz and they do all different types of stuff so today we’re gonna cover you know what exactly are the different types of tapioca starch is as well as I know Scott has a great new tapioca noodle dish that he can’t wait to share with you yeah so Scott maybe we can start off with you know like what is tapioca starch and what are some of the different varieties that people might see out there in our store sure so tapioca is going to sound familiar to a lot of people tapioca pudding tapioca pearls things like that boba all sorts of different things use tapioca now what these are the powders are not you know they’re not pearls in there it’s a powder so if you can take that you can eventually make the pearls if you wanted to you can you know make a dough out of it you know cut them into small little beads and then dry them again to make the pearls but just know that the the tapioca starch is not going to come in like pearl form or anything like that so it’s not the exact same as if you were to buy tapioca pearls now there is a bunch of differences between the types of tapioca and tapioca comes from a root cassava or yuca depending on where you get it it’s just two different names for it and it’s a starch that is extremely elastic when it gelatinizes and it has a lot of great qualities that can be modified to do many many different things yeah and what exactly I know that we sell several ingredients we have in here our expand XR rat the tapioca starch and they often them we have a bunch more that are not on this table and they usually go by the term modified tapioca starch what exactly does that mean and how how do people I guess classify it you know in terms of usage sure so the first one is just going to be tapioca starch tapioca starch is just kind of the raw tapioca starch that’s what you’re going to be able to make pretty much all the other modified ones out of and to modify them they basically just focus on a distinct quality of the tapioca since it does so many different things that has a really great you know elasticity it’s a great thickener so they kind of just modify it to you know okay for let’s say our ultratex or ultra Spurs the tapioca based ones are just for thickening properties but if we’re going to be doing something for gluten-free baking like with the expand X or the rapid tapioca starch those are for that elasticity to stand in for the gluten and then also into ends orbit this is one that people have a misconception with is that okay well this is tapioca maltodextrin I can just use any tapioca for it right because this is one that’s very common it’s a very cool application where you can take oils and turn them into powder so no you can’t take tapioca starch straight up and turn it in it oils into powder you probably could but it’s not going to taste good it’s going to be extremely gritty but you want to use Inns orbit which is specifically for turning oils into powder which we have here we have some of our chili oil powder that we had in one of our earlier episodes so yeah it when modifying they pinpoint kind of a specific quality of the tapioca they focus on that and that’s what you get out of it yeah and if you’re kind of wondering if you’re thinking about you know one might be a good application that you want and you’re not sure how to decide well we’re going to do is we’re going to have a chart up on our blog blog top modernist pantry com that essentially will list out all the different types of tapioca starch as we have and what an appropriate application for them might be so check that out for sure I think it’s going to be a great reference just to make sure that you get the right ingredient because you don’t want to get ultratex you know in order to do your gluten-free baking when you should be getting expand X where I’m free yes so I think once we kind of talk about that I think one other things that people always ask is can I just interchange them and I feel like the answer is no on that but if somebody only has one like you know because I know including free baking a lot of people use regular tapioca starch already but then we always recommend to them hey try one of these modified ones what are some of the benefits you get when you switch to a modified starch so when you switch to a modified starch just like I said before it’s modified to specifically work for what you’re trying to do so like I said the rapid tapioca starch or the expand X is going to be like the best part of that elasticity where you could replace the tapioca starch one-for-one with those and get a better result once again these are all testing recipes so it’s going to be oh I like this but I like a little bit more maybe I like 50/50 right so it’s gonna be a lot of testing on your own part but just know that some of them not going to work the same way so you can’t take Ann’s orbit and add it to a gluten free baking that does nothing right because it doesn’t not focusing on that elasticity it’s focusing on the oil absorption parts of it so just knowing and I think the charts really gonna help just knowing what you’re looking for and when you find out what you’re looking for this is the product that you need and if there’s any you know obviously for gluten free baking there will be a few of them for you know turning oils into powers there’s going to be one of them so you’ll be able to see on that chart the best way to kind of utilize the product yeah and once you’re on our blog we have done you know specific episodes around expand X around ends orbit and around gluten free baking and all that so if you want recipes for dough’s those are all be available on the blog so we kind of figure out for today for tapioca episode we will focus more on the regular tapioca starch and do have a cool recipe around that do you want to talk about what you prepare today Scott sure so I took a Laotian dish that’s you know a very very simple almost chicken noodle soup but extremely flavorful and I wanted to show you how to do because it uses a tapioca noodle so what I did is I took tapioca starch and rice flour and I made a dough now it’s different than making a dough with let’s say you know wheat flour where you just add the water the gluten sucks it up and it becomes nice and stretchy when you add water to the tapioca starch and rice flour and it’s not hot the it’s just going to barely mix in almost like you’re mixing it into corn right when you mix it into cornstarch its it kind of settles out and things like that so the way you make this dough is you actually put in boiling hot water okay when you add in the boiling hot water it cooks the starches and as it cooks the starches they become extremely elastic right so you can see how stretchy this dough is so this is oh yes yeah we were joking before it looks like a shamrock right so it’s extremely elastic but this dough is cooked it’s great cuz then you can slice it into the noodle size that you need okay and you have these really beautiful chewy noodles that are also gluten free if that’s something that you’re looking for right so they go well with any soup they really suck up that you know flavor they’re extremely neutral in flavor on their own too so I’m just gonna get these into our water here just to boil so really simple they’ve you know with a little bit of rice flour just on the outside or tapioca starch on the outside they’ll be completely separate so you can see just cooking them like a normal noodle so in this bowl I’m just going to put a little bit of the the broth in the broth is chicken so very simple chicken a tiny bit of soy sauce if that’s what you want if you want just regular salt that’s totally fine lemongrass lime leaves and galangal if you can’t find lime leaves that’s fine if you just do some lemon or lime zest and if you can’t find galangal which is common in like you know Asian markets things like that some grocery stores but very few of them you can just use ginger they’re super common so just know the Flair will be slightly different but it’s going to taste delicious on its own so I’m gonna put about 8 ounces of the broth in here and how long do you sit they cook that broth for to you about an hour ok so once I make the chicken stock that I cooked you know I infuse it with the flavors for about an hour so however long it takes you to make the chicken stock you can just use store-bought if you really want to we could see our noodles right here are actually coming together really beautifully they absorb some of that water they grow a little bit they’re really nice so let’s let them cook a little bit longer because as we cook they’re going to firm up and with this dish there’s going to be a few accompaniments you just have some sliced scallion some crispy garlic which all these recipes will be unblocked and then just some chicken legs or chicken thighs that we have that we just simply roast it off so really really simple dish to do so these are looking pretty good I’m gonna take them out now so they hold up really well nice they kind of have like a wooden noodle feel to them yeah so you could slice them however thick you want they can go much thinner than this but we really like kind of the texture of a thicker noodle with this dish it just feels a little bit more hearty slide them in there splashing this dish does have a name it’s called Khao pxn I just didn’t want to butcher it so I practice it over and over before the shoot today mm-hmm okay so we have those and let’s just get into just very simple garnish I’m going to start with my chicken it’s nice to roast it off to the side doesn’t have to be difficult it’d be nice and simple that’s why scallions and put as much or as little as you want and then my crispy garlic and I’d like to just kind of flip these right on top of the other two so that they stay nice and crispy it’s very simple that’s pretty much it but I wanted to show something that we could do with the chili oil powder so if you wanted to you can then shake your chili oil powder if you like a little bit of spice to your dish right you can put it in there and as it hits the the hot soup it’s going to start to melt because the moisture will then turn that chili oil powder back into an oil and you get a nice little bit of the the spice from that chili oil so janie want to you can absolutely have a little bit here I will and I love the colors on this and how beautiful looks right now and if you really give it a little stir and kind of bring it all together – if you get all that you know the oil will start to kind of return back to an oil and it really does take one noodle here’s mmm super good you get a nice chew from that noodle and it’s not gritty or anything even though it has like rice flour in it because you are cooking that you’re cooking it twice actually the first time you put it in the boiling water in to make the dough roll it out and then you cook it again and you don’t get any of that grittiness it’s just a super smooth noodle it has a nice chew to it and it’s gluten free yeah and this stock is also incredibly light so it makes a great easy meal I love I love how this days so I think one thing is someone’s like oh I already have some tapioca starch where I’m going to pick up some of this drewett’s Grove organic tapioca starch what are some of the other ways that they can use it aside from making a delicious noodle so it can be used in many different things sometimes it can be used in place of cornstarch I’ve seen or potato starch for many different dishes so it really depends on what you’re trying to do and if you’re already using a starch in the day – then you know replace it with a tapioca starch but like we said before if you’re doing gluten-free we have one specifically for that so there’s going to be a chart like we said so definitely check that out yeah that’s really fun you can get this particular recipe and all the other recipes on the blog and there’s also going to be a video on Instagram it will show Scott making the noodles from start to finish so if you want to kind of see that process happening it’s a really cool thing so you can check that out and as always leave your comments questions below if there’s anything you want us to cover though you haven’t seen leave that as well because people do toss and suggestions and though we do make it happen so from here into modernist and Ruth Test Kitchen I’m Jani Weiss and I’m stuck [Music] thank you so much for watching and if you haven’t already like comment and subscribe and hit that Bell so you get notified when we drop a new video to get today’s recipes in all of our recipes remember to go to blogged on modernist pantry com will you get recipes ask a chef’s tips and tricks and more and if you haven’t already tell a friend so they know what’s going on here at WTF and as always to get any of the ingredients you saw today you can go to modernist pantry comp to shop and until next time we’ll be here in the Test Kitchen helping you create memorable and magical experiences [Music]

Coffee Jelly With Tapioca

Coffee Jelly with Tapioca is a mixture of coffee, sugar and tapioca made from black or white glutinous rice. Coffee Jelly with Tapioca infused by the rich aroma of coffee, a delicacy that you can enjoy in many ways such as on its own, poured over ice cream and served with waffles or just as a finger food.

Video Transcript

Sawaddee Ka! welcome to hot thai kitchen it’s getting really hot here in Vancouver so time for another refreshing summer desserts and of course one of the most popular desserts in Thailand for when the weather’s hot is what we call “woon” or agar agar jelly which you guys seem to love very much so the variation that I wanna share with you today is what we call woon gafae, now won is agar agar jelly, and gafae is coffee but it’s more like a coffee and cream agar jelly it’s really good if you’re an iced coffee fan this one is for you let’s get started so there are two different parts to this dessert the coffee part and the coconut cream part so I’m gonna make the coffee part first I’m using of course Thai coffee now you don’t have to use Thai coffee but I think like the flavor is just more authentic if you can get it it’s darker and smoke here and the grains are just a little bit coarse just like that I’m just going to make coffee like I normally would Thai coffee I’m gonna add some hot water hot off the boil water I am gonna use my coffee sock here this is like a classic Thai tool for making Thai tea hi coffee it’s just like a cloth bag with a little handle you can use any kind of coffee filter or you can just add the coffee directly into the water and strain it out later if you want so whatever however it’s gonna work for you and then let that steep for about 5 minutes so while that’s going I’m gonna make the auger portion of it so I’ve just got some plain water here in this pot and I’m gonna add some agar agar powder so I got a powder you can get at Asian grocery stores Japanese stores also have it they call it gun fen if you want to buy it online I do have it listed in my kit up with the link in the description box below so I’m just gonna sprinkle the agar powder into the water and you want to make sure you do this when the water is cold if it’s hot the powder is just gonna clump up together and I’m gonna let this now come to a boil I want to be stirring it quite frequently because otherwise the powder will settle to the bottom and sometimes kind of like gels up the bottom of your pot so my auger solution has come to a full boil I’ve turned it down slightly be careful this boils over because the liquid is quite viscous at this point so don’t walk away definitely now you want to check that all the powders dissolved and I like to use a metal spoon so I can take some in my spoon pour it out and then I look to see if I can see any grain still stuck to the spoon and if you don’t see anything you’re fine so now time to add the coffee now one of the reasons why I like to dissolve the agar powder in water and not in coffee like I could have just made a lot of coffee and boil it but it’s hard to see whether the powder has dissolved so whenever I’m making a girl I always do the powder in clear water first before I start adding other things okay and now some sugar of course and you can make this as sweet or as not sweet as you like I also like to add just a pinch of salt and I do this in my regular Thai coffee – I just feel it cuts the sweetness nicely just going to bring this back to a simmer it doesn’t have to come back to a full boil to dissolve the sugar and that’s done so now we’re gonna make the cream layer and while you’re doing this make sure you keep your coffee layer covered and warm so put it on the stove at the lowest heat setting you can possibly go don’t let it boil away or if you have a warming function on your stove use that as well okay you don’t want that to set while you’re making your other layer so the process is very much the same I’ve just got some water here I’m gonna go in with agar agar powder which by the way is made from seaweed extract so it is a suitable dessert for vegetarians all right so my agar powder is dissolved I’ve checked work clear literally so now I’m gonna add some coconut milk and you want a good news good coconut milk for this whenever you make desserts the quality of your coconut milk matters so much more because there isn’t a lot of other flavours involved so if you want to know the one that I recommend it is listed in my kit as well I will put the link in the description below you could just add all coconut milk if you want but I really prefer a combination of coconut milk and evaporated milk because that’s like a classic combination right it’s high coffee we always add some evaporated milk or condensed milk and I find that coconut milk alone it’s just doesn’t quite work as well some sugar of course and a little bit of salt this one a little bit more when you whenever you’re making coconut dessert it always benefits from just a touch of saltiness and I’ve got a simmer and we are done time to assemble this recipe it’s the perfect amount for an 8-inch round pan so it’s 2 inches high this one you can put it in whatever kind of mould you like little cups little whatever silicone ones will make it easier to get out the jelly but if you don’t have silicone ones I have devised a trick that works really well and getting it out I’m gonna oil this pan just ever so slightly like about a tiny bit of oil on this paper you don’t want excess oil in here because you pour the liquid in and it’s like the oil extra oils gonna start floating into your jelly just a tiny little bit just to create a more slick surface okay I’m gonna start out with my coffee layer and I’m gonna do about a cup of liquid per layer but again depends on your patience you can do thick layers so it’s less work for you you thin layers it’s more work for you it’s kind of up to you I have to let this set obviously before I can pour the next layer in want to keep that covered and hot but you don’t want to let this completely cool and set solid before you pour the next layer and it’s so important so many of you have try have had trouble with the layers not sticking together when you make my other our courage le recipe this is it right here if you let the bottom layer set to cold the likelihood of the top layer not sticking to it is high so don’t forget about it it’s just started to set and I want to show you see I’m gonna press it on and it’s up but it’s still warm should still be a little bit elastic I’m gonna pour the top layer on and the top layer should be hot steaming hot like you can see me right here that’s another thing that’ll help the two layers stick together as well and as you can see I’m pouring it through a sieve because sometimes because there’s milk involved sometimes you’ll get skin that forms and that is its so you now let this set just a little bit before you pour the next layer on and so on and so forth so in the beginning it may be take five minutes to cool if you put a fan to it but as it gets thicker it’ll take longer because there’s more substance there so it could take ten up to 15 minutes before that layer set so it does take some time you again don’t have to do as many layers as I’m doing and if you do little ones if you do little like use little cups they’ll take no time to cool at all so if you don’t want to wait you can make little ones here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for all day it’s all nice and chilled now to get this out usually I have my little offset spatula that’s really thin but I forgot to bring it so this is the second best thing a thin spatula of some sort I guess you have a thin butter knife that would work too and I’m just gonna go around just to release it from the edge one of the tricks that I like to do is before I attempt to flip this out with this gap that I’m creating I’m gonna add just a little bit water so I’ve just got some plain water using a brush and I’m just gonna drop a few drops of water along the side just I find it helps it slide out a little easier see this would all not be a problem if you have a small mold and you just like flip it use a little knife to just get it out or if you’re using a silicone mold okay so let’s see how this works fingers crossed I think I heard it go Dada look how shiny that is it looks so good I don’t even want to touch it I don’t want to do anything it looks like something from a Marvel movie or something there we go and see because we paid attention the layers are sticking pretty well together it’s not falling apart when you cut it there’s something so satisfying about cutting our jelly it’s like a weird feeling cool that looks all you have to do is eat it now one of the benefits of our jelly is you don’t need to keep it refrigerated all the time I mean it’s nicer when it’s cold but if it’s out in the Sun like this thing does not melt at room temperature in fact if you want to remelt it you need to really put it on the stove to remelt it so it’s one of the perks of agar jelly so refreshing if you love a nice glass of iced coffee that’s a little sweet a little creamy this is perfect and that combination of coconut milk and evaporated milk creates just the perfect contrast with the coffee mmm man I could eat that all day you know what would be really good as well is if you cut it into small cubes and then you add it into actual iced coffee and have it like bubble tea that would be really good too and the recipe as always will be on hot Thai Kitchen come when you make it I definitely want to see a photo of it so send it to me on Facebook Twitter or Instagram also on Pinterest for those of you who are pinners and if you haven’t subscribed to the show make sure you do so you don’t miss an awesome recipe like this and click the little bell icon as well so you get a notification when I post a new video if you love the show and you want to support us check out our patreon link in the description box below and I will see you next time for your next delicious Thai tea you

Farine De Manioc Tapioca

The Bonfire Bubble Tea is the sweetest organic fruit tea ever . It contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. Bonfire’s unique tapioca bubbles are made from a flour of cassava root, which is grown, made and bottled right here in Leesburg Florida . This tea contains real pure cane sugar and is gluten free.

Video Transcript

sur celui-ci avec vous aujourd’hui vous vous présentez là à piau cas d’affairé là tapioca de terry est fait à base d’amidon de manioc et hydratée avec de l’eau tous sont plus gros et ça va nous donner ce pipeline qui quand ils sont sûrs fait d’eux une poêle avec la chaleur ils vont s’épauler et aux baux et élimine krayt on l’a fait bouillir une minute de pop et une minute de l’autre côté et voilà elle est prête sans oublier de la garnir d’abord avec just à l’est ou du souffle et comme vous peut payer comme vous êtes avec vos classes traditionnelles françaises vous faites de la même façon avec l’attak iota en portugais féminin essentielle masculine le tapioca mais on avance à napier si vous pouvez les trouver sur les sites produits du brésil l’ailier f vous pouvez vous pouvez cliquer sur les liens qui se trouve sous la description de la vidéo donc l’adresse www points trop de l’huile du brésil points comme nous livrons dans plusieurs pays d europe france belgique luxembourg allemagne comme vous souhaitez d’accord la tokyo cas est un produit sans gluten sans lactose donc c’est vraiment super bon pour la santé et en relief facile à préparer au niveau de la licence pour faire la tapioca blé signé l’un traditionnel secret vous allez avoir besoin de point 0,25 être de diamètre une spatule ouvrière un petit peu de notre eau qu un petit pot de lait concentré sucré et insoucieux de tapioca hydratée je commence par pelé chauffer une poêle à feu moyen et quant à la bintje de connaissances 1 en passant la main par dessus donc jour je vais prendre mon petit sachet de tapioca hydratée je n’ai coupé comme ça il est emballé sous vide donc du coup quand un angle la tariqa al va se concentrer plus en bas de ça chez de là et je vais tout simplement et fall est comme ça ouvrez vos yeux le fond de la poêle c’est aussi simple que ça j’ai pour m – il confère une pâture cas plus fine si si vous préférez ça dépend des goûts de chacun moi j’aime contenait un support plus épaisse et aussi quelques génies la future page pleine prière cuillère et je vais la galerie c’est comme ça ou qu’elles sont toutes égales un peu partout parce que c’est pas qu’on a fait sur cinq est liquide donc du coup je vais légaliser avec une pire [Musique] je vais baisser un petit peu les feux parce que je vois pas que ça cuisent trop vie je laisse vraiment une petite minute de côté j’aimais marianne je me retourne je mets ma gamme lecture et je fais l’autre côté voilà vous voyez quand je passe comme ça je vois déjà qui tout simplement les petites blaine ce sont les collègues je vais retourner et voilà je ma galette complète d’un côté je vais l’être beaucoup de notre corps humain j’aime beaucoup c’est bien gourmand et je vais remercier les temps sont créés la coacher et selon qu’ils penseront [Musique] voilà j’ai peur mes factures je l’avais du trot mais très chaude attention il n’est pas mauvais pour nous je pense qu’au fil de fer [Musique] et elle est prête marquer mais s’attaquer cette prochaine

Coconut Tapioca Pudding With Mango And Lime

Bonfire Bubble Tea is a house-made, creamy coconut tapioca pudding with mango and lime marinated in pandan tea. Tapioca pearls are made with brown sugar and covered in liquid smoke for more than minutes under high pressure to create a chewy snack that pairs well with ice cream, milk tea, or as a quick dessert dip! Enjoy Bonfire Bubble Tea as a drink or snack. As we strive to bring you the best bubble tea experience both online and through delivery, we hope you enjoy this new breed of tapioca!

Video Transcript

hi folks Janine here from Denise gluten-free kitchens today we’re going to be making banana coconut tapioca pudding it’s a recipe that comes from Asia and Thailand and it is an absolute favorite in our house and for all our friends every time we make it they say please put this on this channel here it is for you [Music] tapioca pudding is such a great dessert it is so easy four ingredients five ingredients five ingredients and tastes fantastic as I said we’ve got our tapioca pearls that we have soaked in almond milk which we made earlier so if you want that recipe just go to our other video link and we soak that for an hour so you can see the beads underneath it don’t you throw them in to our hand and to that we’ve got a tin of coconut milk I really like the AM brand because it is a very pure coconut milk and a really lovely creamy texture if you used cream you just get a much richer pudding to that we’re going to add a dash of vanilla about a teaspoon and finally we’ve got a third of a cup of maple syrup and you can equally use coconut sugar if you want to keep it paleo now give that a little bit of a stir and so what we want to do with this pudding is bring it to the boil turn it down and let it simmer just for maybe five minutes and then that’ll be ready for putting into our dishes and refrigerated [Music] so that’s just come to the boil and I’ve just turned it down to a simmer and it’s already getting really nice and thick and you kind of know when tapiocas almost cooked because it becomes a quite translucent that’s a really quite thick now beautiful and I think it needs any more than that turned it off and now it’s ready to be served well not served so we’ve got to put in our cups and let it go that’s so good I have to try something um alright so we’ve got our cute little cups now you can put them into bowls you can put them in any way you want but I really like cups because you can see them you can see the dessert and I’ve got my trusty ice cream scoop that I’m going to let up so this recipe serves for very generous desserts I might do a little bit of fancy stuff play our banana so it looks a bit chewed up let’s do that okay you want to make sure your bananas are right but not so right that they’re mushy and over sweet but they do need to be ripe enough that they’re not starchy and flowery [Music] and bananas so good with a mouthful of tapioca pudding so you know we have a little bit of extra in the middle and just make it taste nicer all right let’s put another scoop on so what else goes really well with tapioca pudding and that is mango if you eat mango and as does passionfruit [Music] we made a really delicious one the other day for a dinner party we layered the the lemon curd from the from our lemon tart recipe in between layers of this [Music] tapioca pudding and put a little bit of fresh passion fruit pulp and it was sensational so you’re looking for fancy dinner parties dessert can I highly recommend it all right so that is our puddings and I’m just gonna get some coconut and we’re gonna decorate it be back Missy so we have some coconut shredded coconut that we’ve pan-fried to make it nice and toasty I’m just going to put a little sprinkle of that on each to give it a little bit of extra texture and make a little bit special voila so there you have a guy the banana coconut tapioca pudding a very simple and really great recipe that you can use in a number of ways I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you have please hit the like button and we would love to hear from you in the comments so give us some feedback and also make requests for some recipes that you’d like to see us make subscribe and if you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on our videos hit that Bell and we look forward to the next episode see you later [Music] today we are gonna be making a banana [Music] that they have a guys [Music] you you

Heavenly Mango Tapioca Recipe

Discover a paradise on earth with Bonfire Bubble Tea. We have taken this beloved treat and made it even more exciting! Made with real fruit purees and natural cane sugar, each cup includes a yummy tapioca treat that is to die for. Let your taste buds soar to new heights with the heavenly mango tapioca recipe!

Video Transcript

[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome to cooking with you this is chan and for today’s video we’re making mango tapioca pudding so for today’s recipe we’re going to start with four right yellow mangles 1/2 a cup of sugar 400 milliliters of coconut milk which is a can follow the width 2 teaspoon basil seeds that are soaked in water for 15 minutes so the basil seeds they kind of look like sesame seeds but a bit smaller for those who don’t know follow it up with half a cup of tapioca pearls make sure that you soak them at least 45 minutes prior we’re also including half a teaspoon of salt and then 500 milliliters of water so now we’re going to dice up the mangos in order to do so we’re gonna cut the mango in half like so make sure that you get as much as you can from the pit with the half of the mango cut we’re gonna dice it up keeping in mind that we’re not cutting the skin just the flesh now we’re gonna grab a spoon and then we’re going to scrape as much as we can from the skin and there you go you have your mango pieces continue this step for the rest of the mangos now I’m going to show you how to get as much mango flesh from the pit itself especially on the side so on the side we’re gonna start by cutting off the skin from the mango and then we’re gonna just cut along as much as we can on the side it’s gonna be a long piece but we’re gonna use that piece for the puree so now we’re going to use half of the mango pieces to make the puree just scoping out the ugly pieces that are long they’re too thin and not necessarily diced up very well into the blender itself or the food processor so if you don’t have either of those you can always just mash it up or just pass them through with a spoon on a strainer and then I’ll be mashed up very finely so now we’re blending this very finely in the food processor or the blender just make sure that it’s a pureed texture because we’re going to be incorporating this in the coconut tapioca mix so it has to be very fine now in a medium sized pot on medium low heat we’re going to add the 500 milliliter of water into the pot followed up with the 400 milliliter of coconut milk add in half the cup of sugar half a teaspoon of salt and now we’re gonna stir it up until the sugar is dissolved and all of the ingredients are combined now we’re going to take the drain tapioca pearls and put them into the pot it’s important that you stir frequently because the tapioca pearls they tend to stick to the bottom and to among themselves by stirring it or keeping them up afloat and apart from each other so after about 15 minutes your tapioca pearls should be fully cooked in order to know this you can just simply taste some if they’re soft and not chewy then they’re ready to go now that the tapioca pearls are cut the we’re going to turn off the heat and then we’re gonna add in the mango puree so once the mango purees are in we’re just gonna stir it and tell everything is fully incorporated and it’s fully bright too yellow so this mango pudding has served it chilled who are going to transfer the pudding from the pot into a large bowl leave it out for room temperature to cool down and then we’re gonna put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes once it’s chilled we’re gonna top it off with the mango chunks that we have iron with a bit of the basil seed on top for garnishing and serve [Music] [Music] [Music] I hope you guys like my video if you enjoyed this please don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel and let me know in the comment section have a great day guys

Japanese Mom making Coconut Tapioca in my Kitchen

Our scrumptious, creamy coconut tapioca pudding with mango, pearls and honey is the perfect treat for you or a friend! Choose from our original Bonfire Bubble Tea flavors or go for a twist with Bonfire Buzz, which combines our original tapioca pudding flavor with spicy jalapeno-infused honey. This delicious dessert can be enjoyed as a snack or even as a meal. Our tasty tapioca puddings are also kosher!

Video Transcript

hey guys so my mom’s going to make some Nutella oka it was good man sir yeah coconut tapioca yes coconut tapioca sole wishes some luck let’s see how it goes [Music] [Applause] [Music] so here we are picked up some tapioca pearls I guess it really doesn’t matter what brand just make sure they’re small tapioca pearls okay and just picked up whatever can of coconut milk again no particular brand say I got two different brands I’m gonna double up mines that’s why I got two cans of coconut milk sugar okay then we’re gonna need some salt and water I’m gonna double up on the water so the water is usually one and a half so double-a it’s gonna be three this is two so I’m gonna old one more cup all right it’s your Heidi freaked up okay so she smiled said she’s gonna boil three cups of water we’re doubling this recipe so right now it’s three cups of suji one and a half three cups okay that’d be your cup me okay one cup of tapioca the pearls okay all right so one cup so usually this is half so we’re doing double again so one cup looks like rice yeah okay so you’re gonna rinse it yeah my parameter so yeah so she’s gonna rinse this Chester rinses they said for about maybe 10 to 15 minutes yeah she’s gonna rinse her tapioca pearl drops for dinner yeah it’s a little bit some burrows into 15 minutes or so to get it stringing it up be effective okay so you put the tapioca inside so we have to shut the stir it so it doesn’t stick together so we have to cook it this chant loose it and we have to keep stirring it that looks good mom that looks good but still not see-through has to become translucent not yet what check in a few seconds [Music] working hard since humbug yeah but it’s gonna be good mom they always eat some oil you have to keep stirring it’s gonna be good and whip some frozen mango we thought we’d pop it with the bubble you know you know what I’m – yeah you know we’re trying to get it Gentiles said yeah mmm well I hope this recipe turns out good okay now she’s gonna add the cream yeah mom so you can yep so – smells good [Music] that’s nice okay so this sugar is 1/3 cup what’s not done 2/3 cup Okuma agrees and she’s gonna add 1/4 teaspoon of salt yes nope it’s not a donkey Otis salt we’re just using the container we’re gonna stir so nanny arm chicken good ain’t it about about seven minutes or so yes to seven to ten minutes slowly she likes her soft and make sure it’s off that’s the spirit yep no about seven minutes or so hmm looks like it’s gonna be really good I think it what kinda they’ll be good mom don’t worry be good yep then we leave it out about 20 minutes or so with it off yeah I’m gonna cool down a little bit then you can put in our container to the frigerator yes I want to taste that I can’t be it is looking really good yeah mom love how it looks you know we tried to make tapioca before you guys it’s coconut tapioca and we messed up yes so we’re so hesitant to try it again but you know she always buy it at ballet and after why adds up you want to make your own yes mm-hmm mango ready too delicious mango frozen mango gonna defrost that and I can pop that right on top of our tapioca I can’t wait it looks good [Music] hmm you wanted to I guess you could put other things inside by the way guys I saw this really really really yellow rng orange really bright color pineapple here at costco isn’t it beautiful had to show it to you guys that is beautiful and I never saw one that pretty I think it’s a Maui a Maui pineapple it’s only $2.99 over Costco I always buy their pineapple cuz us only three dollars okay so she’s gonna put in a bowl people yep she’s putting in their bowls and then we’re gonna leave it little while for room temperature and then we’re gonna put in a fridge mmm that looks good mom not bad not bad for amateurs not bad at all you know I’m sure it’s gonna be good she’s all nervous it’s not gonna be good because again we made it before and it came out funny I told her she should make an al : because she likes uncle mm-hmm yeah I think so the sweet bean one what do you guys think I think she should home taro I think so mom yeah I think alcohol would be great because she loves it smooth like we had a smooth uncle and mix it this I think it’d be good if she makes our alcohol yoke on your car with the alcohol and the coconut on the top thin layer of coconut milk mm-hmm you need more balls mom she got me them oh no you did telling us you nice okay so she’s gonna leave these at room temperature and I put in a fridge hmm can’t wait that’s gonna be good looks good you can’t coconut like this drizzling coconut it’s good [Music] the recipe made this many bowls yet this is how many bowls and filled up its yeah not that big of bowls but yes this is so much I filled up now let’s see how good it tastes mmm that looks so good that’s the mango on top of the tapioca oh my gosh that looks so good I can’t wait to eat it people okay guys so we’re gonna try the pudding but see how he came out you know it’s been in the fridge for a while so limit yes it did look mom how’s that I’m so sold okay you can try to burst here okay so we’re gonna try this tapioca so go ahead mom oh you probably don’t even need the mangles there’s me how do you fit me yes sings there’s the first time she ever made it let me try without the mango first so there’s nothing over that what Xena mmm that’s good you don’t really need the mango music they put pilot blueberry no not blueberry no hmm I’m just gonna try to mangle so good of course I got a copy now okay my mangoes to be sorry the zoo condo to succeed on me yeah let’s cut the mangoes smaller first yeah I just threw it in there so she’s basically telling me I screwed up ha ha hmm that’s gone I can’t believe it was really easy and cheap to [Music] Allah hmm tapiocas so good so pump in Cooper the uncle I think would be good in saitama no Hong Kong no eat Omo see I think so what else would be good you probably put food snow yeah of course she’s really not big everything always gonna come up last time I think we put too much tapioca thinking we had too much liquid so I put too much tapioca inside and so it just was dry yeah I think it was dry we just totally screwed up yeah well anyway thanks guys you know thanks for joining us I hope you enjoyed it you know she’s trying to learn how to cook things out of her box so that’s a good thing you know she’s trying to make the things that she likes to eat so she doesn’t buy everything take out which she usually doesn’t it doing they’re excluding you I mean it yeah she’s learning that’s right Oh see see if she said make it it’s really really easy it was well we had to make twice than that but came out really good okay and of course you can tweak it however you want okay all right so don’t forget you guys to give us a thumbs up give my mom a thumbs up okay and don’t forget if you have it don’t forget to subscribe okay so we’re gonna have more of her cooking things you know because I know a lot of you do enjoy I gotta take advantage of it why I can’t okay thanks mom hi all right thank you all right we’ll see you guys again at all thank you how do you feel you guys is thank you okay alright guys so I have a good weekend alright see you later bye bye [Music]