Tapioca Pearls & Bubble Tea [Recipe]

When making a 200ml boba tea, boil iced water in the kettle and use boiling water for the milk. After adding brown sugar, pour the milk into a cup and add the pearls to make a refreshing drink.

Video Transcript

Hi guyss :)) Long time so see, I miss y’all so much :< Today, I'm gonna show you guys how to make black tapioca pearls, it's a piece of cake but sooo gudd :)) After that I'll tell y guys bout my cat in the previous video... First of all is the tapioca pearls. You have to mix 125g tapioca starch and 10g cacao powder in a CAT bowl (if you dont have cacao powder, you can use rice flour/tapioca starch) dont tell me you haven't got this cat bowl yet. Muahahahahaha Hu hu it reminds me of my cat breaking 2,3 cat bowls at once. I just want to kill him :( At 3am, his nails got stuck in the tablecloth, THENN he pulled it and dropped all the things . I almost had a heart attack. Ah leave the cat bowl besides and let's move on to cook the sugar. Put 60g black sugar in the pot (supermarkets sell a lot) Along with that is 5g tapioca starch and 70ml water mix it gently for the flour to dissolve After that put it on the stove with low heat. Cook and mix at the same time beause the mixture is cooked real fast Keep mixing until it get condensed like this Immediately turn off the the gas Then take a cat bowl, oh wait you dont have any. Poor you :)) Take the tapioca flour and cacao powder that already mixed in the the pot right after that (dont turn on the stove) mix the flour well with sugar mixture. But be careful, this stupid tapioca is heavy and easy to splash everywhere. You should gently mix it and will knead it later. The mixture when mixing in the pot will be be very dry, it hasn't absorb the water yet. Pour it on the table and knead by hand when it's still warm At first the flour will be separated and a little bit hot. But try around few mins Be careful, don't get burn, I will be hurted hihihi Remember to look at how to knead, not the hands :)) It's really hot. I was about to make cake. But it's too hot I decide to make boba It's too hot my armpit flow like a Niagara fall. Haizz what chu looking at? want me or what?? go away :)) Almost show my fat belly. But not at fat as someone who is watching :)) Just kidding, when the flour is smooth (around 5 mins) then stop. After that, shape the the flours, divide to 4 parts roll to a loooonnggg shape I request you to look at the flour, not my hands After that, use a knife or flour cutting tools to divide the flour into small pieces Remember to cut around 0.5cm only. If its too big, when boiling it wont cooked. Some people make that mistake When shaping it, you should cover the rest with wrapping paper, so it wont get dry Because this flour dry fast, when it got dried, you cant shape it This part looks so good for the eyes It looks like snow, I wish I can see a real snow once This is tapioca flour. After shaping, cover it with tapioca flour so it wont stuck together. After that put away the extra flour Hihi lemme flex on the bear pot. I cant stop looking at it Add the pearls into a boil water pot. More water After the the water boil again, begin to count the time. 20 mins, boil in medium heat. remember to check and stir it. If its burnt, you will eat pig porridge After done boiling, close the cover, let it sit still for 30 mins (dont touch it).This process helps the pearls to cook thoroughly. While waiting, I'll pretend to be cleaning, so you can see me being a good person :)) Pour the boil water into the bowl (Basically throw it away, we don't need it) Bring the cooked pearls into a different pot Add more 50ml of water Along with 35g brown sugar. You can adjust it. Place on the stove and continue to cook for the second times. This time you have to stir a lot After the mixture is boiled, turn it low. Cook and stir for around 5 mins, or until the mixture is condensed Like this, so when coating the the cup, it clings easily homemade pearl will be lighter than the the pearls in store. You can see its more brown that black. It's not transparent as the pearls outside, but still sticky and good. The pearls after cooked, should drink in around 3-5 hours. Dont put it in the fridge, it will get harden and bleh blehh Now I will make the milk tea. I'll divide into 2 recipes. It's up to you to choose which recipes First one, I will use 15g black tea. Anyone doesn't have the filter then byeee Just kidding, anyone who doesn't have it, you can pour the boiled water into the the tea. Then you can use the strainer. This recipe I used 200ml boiled water to brew The sound is so satisfy :)) Brew around 15-20 mins After done brewing, take the the leaves out. Add 20g brown sugar into the tea. You can adjust it Next is 60g mlk powder. I prefer using MT35, rich and doesn't affect the tea smell Shake it up guys, shake until they come together This is the last step to complete a cup of boba The sauce is coated around the the cup, very bootiful honey ah Add ices remember to let the drink cool off then you can add ices I think this milk tea recipe after cooking and brew in the the fridge for few hours is the bezt. ( when haven't added ice or pearls) See? Complete a perfect boba cup, the cat cup is so cute Now is the second recipe. The recipe is very easy, everyone can do it (his face looks irritated) First I want to flex on this cute cat hanging on the cup, because it's so ADORABLE why my stuff is always cuteeee. This recipe I used 2 black tea bags, and brew with 100ml boiled water The tea bag will brew faster, around 5-10mins is good After done brewing, dip for few times (squeeze it too, I just pretend to dip like that, but behind the scene is me squeeze the tea to death :)) See you cat in next videooo After done squeezing, add 20g brown sugar or white sugar . You can adjust it Let's finish the 2nd milk tea recipe This cup I'll add more pearls because I'm THIN, I drink it. And the other one for who is fat :) Do exactly the same things as the 1st recipe Pour the tea with sugar (cool down) into the cup Finally is 140ml non-sugar milk. It's so pretty when pouring milk into tea Because this one is not that rich, so I add more whipping (nah, Im lying, Im out of whipping so i took topping instead :)) sprinkle some cacao for fancy. And we done! Very easy right? The pearls are chewy. It tastes like in the store 95%. The milk tea smells good, rich and very good, but not as much as me. I prefer the 1st recipe Because using milk powder make the tea stand out, unlike fresh milk, its just not as good as Last video I told you guys about how my cat wont meow Wait, look at him. This stupid cat I swear I almost choke myself, he cant even bite it. why youre so stupidddd About the meowing, I'll tell you later in the next video. I keep guiding you guys so I forgot :)) Dont go out too much, just stay home and watch my youtube hihi :)) Will learn more good food, will find more gg or bf if you can learn :))