After 10 Years This is How I Make Milk Tea

I started making milk tea when I was 15 years old. I wanted to open up a store but I didn’t have the money to do so. So, I did the next best thing and made milk tea at home instead. 10 years have passed since then but my love for milk tea is still just as strong.

Video Transcript

It’s 8 am I’ve been making milk tea for more than 10 years so today I’m gonna show you how I do it now the ingredients of making milk tea is very simple all you need is some sort of black tea some sort of milk or creamer And then a little bit of sugar however the way and the proportion that you combine all these who will make a huge difference in The final outcome, let’s first start with the black tea if you’re in a pinch go ahead You can use Lipton black tea it tastes not bad one of my favorites is PG tips black tea each serving tends to contain a bit more black tea than other types of bagged teas now you can get the premium kind of this and it will taste a Little bit better I’d say about 10 20 percent better, but for daily usage. This is just as good I have over here a tea container and inside is some of my tea I have a sachet of PG tips black tea over here and inside is some loose leaf as well. Now you can use either but today I’m going to use a loose leaf black tea. But in order to use this you need some sort of very fine strainer for tea so that you can filter out all the tea Leaves when you pour it out. I also have a very good tea over here. This is a TWG Earl Grey tea I bought this at an airport, and I like this kind of tea It’s from Singapore, and it’s very very fragrant. You can see inside the black tea There’s a little bit of blue flower called bergman this gives a very unique aroma to the tea this is an example of a can of condensed milk now when you buy one of these don’t forget to check out the Ingredients because sometimes it’s not just milk and sugar. This brand over here when you look at the ingredients It does contain only milk and sugar sometimes they contain palm oil and other preservatives which is something I do not want so if you do buy a different brand buy something that only has milk and sugar in it now I’m pretty picky about the concentration of my black tea, so I’ll need a very precise amount of water here I want to have a little bit more water than what I finally will end up with because the tea will absorb a little bit of water as well as evaporate some water while I’m cooking it. This is my tea kettle and I prefer to brew tea in the kettle rather than outside of it if I open it up You’ll see that inside I have some leftover tea from yesterday, so now I need to clean this up And I’ll show you how to do this. Pour some water and swish it around pour down drain like this But my drain has a strainer, and then there’s still a little bit of tea left, so I’m going to do again Okay, so now it’s all clean. There’s no tea left in there now. I’m going to turn on the heat I’m gonna add my cup of water here. I’m only making one serving now. I’m gonna add a little bit of tea here I’m very particular about the amount of tea. This is the amount of right tea. Now I would say this is too little okay, if you add this much It’s not gonna be strong enough of flavor, so just know that like a difference of this much can matter a lot I’m going to take my measurement of what I normally eyeball like this and then I’m gonna measure it for you guys, so you guys can see how much is in here It’s roughly a level one tablespoon But you got to realize whatever tea you use it may be a different concentration, so you need to adjust it according to the taste I’m gonna put it in the hot water here Going to put the lid back on. It’s already boiling, so now I’m going to turn off the heat Right now I’m gonna start a timer for five minutes because after it boils I want it to brew for five minutes inside this teapot, now I don’t want this thing to get cold so I’m leaving part of it on the heat still I can tell that it stopped boiling so you can kind of move it a little towards the heat more To keep it You know at a hot temperature because if you take this teapot and completely remove it it’s gonna start to get cold That means it’s not gonna brew as well, black tea for milk tea you want to brew it very strongly now the final temperature at which you drink your milk tea matters a lot as well if you put your hot milk tea in a cold cup it’s gonna suck away all that heat from your hot tea so what I prefer to do while the tea is brewing is to add a tiny a bit of water into my cup It just maybe a quarter ways full and I’ll put it in the microwave for about 45 to 60 seconds to make the cup hot Now if I’m not recording right now the tea takes five minutes to brew I might just start this up And I might go wash the dishes or something so I’m gonna do something in between Rather than sit around and wait for the tea. That’s the timer saying that the tea is done in five minutes. Here I have the microwave water now. I’m just gonna dump this out. This cup is fairly hot right now. Hot cup Tea strainer Gonna pour it in here It’s slightly more concentrated than usual today, but this is a good color. It’ll still taste very good. Now over here is a new can of condensed milk I already have some over here. After you open this you pour it into a plastic container like this so that you can store it in the refrigerator Now remember when you pour this out into a new container don’t heat the condensed milk in this can in order to try to get it out. Just put it upside down and leave it somewhere like this and let it fall out over here I’m gonna put some condensed milk here, and what I do is stick my spoon in there and the amount I put in is very specific. this is how much I want to put in I don’t know how much this is I guess I can go and measure it hold on I guess what I’m using, it’s also roughly one level tablespoon of Condensed milk. Okay, so I can just stick this all in here and it’ll melt off of the spoon You can see as it melts, the color of my milk tea changes to a very rich color. Now you can indeed just drink this if you’re okay with very, very low sugar What you may find is that this is not sweet enough, and I drink a very, very low sugar type of tea. So I don’t even need all that much. What I like to do is add another half teaspoon of sugar into this concoction here So you can say this condensed milk is not very sweet But you don’t want to add more condensed milk in here because this is the maximum amount of cream that you want in here already if you add too much cream then it’ll taste kind of weird. One tablespoon is good enough over here. This is actually the second milk tea I’m having for today, the first one the camera was out of focus so I have to do this again Anyway, when you’re making this milk tea You got to make sure the black tea is strong enough in order for the flavor to come through which brings in an important point if you don’t want to have that much sugar you can drink this black tea again, and again throughout the day. If you want to make another black tea with the same tea you can actually brew it again. I’d brew it for a little bit longer. Maybe seven or eight minutes in order to try to get the flavor out more. Now I’ve used a lot of different things for the creamer including; powdered creamer, half-and-half, full fat milk, and now I’ve switched to condensed milk. I would say out of all of those half-and-half is pretty reasonable, but when you use regular milk it actually dilutes your milk tea a bit so it does taste not as rich. When you use condensed milk there’s less water content in there so you don’t dilute your tea as much, therefore it tastes more rich. of course the second brewing does not taste as good it tastes a little bit more diluted than the first of course. Now What can you do if you don’t have any creamer at all if you have ice cream you can actually dunk one tablespoon of that into your coffee or tea and you can use that as your creamer when you use a certain kind of tea it depends on which kind of course you’ll Taste the aroma sometimes it tastes almost even chocolaty. What I find is that if I have the milk tea by itself And I don’t do anything else. I’m not reading articles. I’m not on the computer I’m not recording a video or anything I get the most enjoyment out of it because I’m just sipping it It’s at its peak in terms of temperature, and it’s not cooling down really, really fast And I’m concentrating on the flavor instead. When I’m doing something else what I find happens is that yes I do get enjoyment from the tea, but then my attention is focused on something else And I’m just you know having it as I’m doing something else. When I’m in front of the camera I actually do enjoy this almost just as much as not doing anything at all because essentially after every time I talk, I do take a sip of this this. This loose leaf tea you might be wondering, what brand is it? It’s Ten Ren’s tea. I often go and shop some loose leaf tea whenever there’s something good I don’t always stay with Ten Ren. This is the only bag I’ve bought. Ten Ren is a tea shop, and they happen to also sell milk tea it’s popular in Taiwan They also have a store in the Bay Area So thanks for watching this video it’s taken me 10 years to get to this point, of making this type of milk tea. This is Beat the bush don’t forget to give me a like on this video, and if you’re interested in supporting this channel I have an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audio book I also have a Patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching! 🙂


Milk tea boba or bubble tea is a popular Asian drink. It is the combination of a milk tea and chewy tapioca balls that are called “bubbles”. The craze has reached the U.S. and has become wildly popular. I love this drink, but I don’t live near any places that sell it. So, I figured homemade would be a fun thing to make, plus you can choose any flavor you want!

Video Transcript

(upbeat music) – Hey friends. – Hey everyone. – Thank you so much for tuning in to Cook With April on thirsty Thursdays. Been awhile friends. Today we are making my favorite drink, my addiction, it’s an addiction. – It definitely has been. (laughs) – I even DoorDash it. I UberEats it, I DoorDash it, whichever location I want, yeah. It’s bad. – Or she’ll have me stop by. If I even remotely near, I’ll know she’ll want. Yeah I have to get it a lot (laughs) – Yeah, yeah, I, yeah, so I was like you know what? Your girl needs to make it herself and save some coins ok? So, that’s what we’re doing, we’re making milk tea Boba. It’s also know as Bubble tea, all over the place. But I still call it Boba. So that’s what we’re gonna do you guys. You guys, so the first thing for Boba or Bubble tea is you’re gonna need those thick straws for the Bubble tea. You know what I’m talking about? I found this on amazon guys and it’s glass. The possibilities are endless with the Boba, you guys. So I will link all that below. And then you’re gonna need some creamer. This is regular old Coffee Mate creamer I saw when ever I go to like the Boba shop, they use creamer sometimes for their milk tea And that’s what we’re doing, we’re doing milk tea Boba And then honey because I want to mix the honey and the tapioca balls together, make it really sweet. It’s called honey Boba, so good. And since we’re doing milk tea Boba, pour some black tea, this I just got at Target. It’s by Simply Balance, it’s the breakfast blend. And of course, you need your tapioca pearls. I got this on Amazon y’all. ‘Cause I didn’t know where else to find it you know? So yeah, this one had really good reviews. So we’re doing a cup of that and some good old regular milk. So you guys, according to the tapioca pearl instructions, you’re supposed to boil 10 cups of water per one cup of tapioca pearls. So that’s what I’m working on right now, I’m trying to get this to a boil and then I’m gonna pop the tapioca pearls in there, but in the mean time, I’m also working on the hot water for the tea. You guys, I boiled some water and we’re gonna put it with the tea, so that’s gonna be two cups. It’s gonna be one cup per teabag and then using two teabags. So we’re just gonna let that stay and cool it down. So I like my tea pretty strong, so I’m gonna let it seep for about three minutes. Just leave it there like that, but while it’s still hot I want add the creamer and I want to use a whisk to mix it together, like that. Really well, and then I’m gonna just leave the teabags in there. All right you guys, I boiled that water and I’m just following the instructions on the back of the tapioca pearl instructions, you know? So now after boiling, you’re gonna add the tapioca pearls, but do it slowly. You don’t want to splash it on me, or you (laughs). There you go, you guys. And it says that we’re gonna wait for the pearls to float up top and once it floats we’re gonna cover with a lid for two to three minutes. You guys, it’s so cool all the Boba is starting to pop up. Like just like floating on top. That’s so fun to watch. I’m still waiting for a few, but after that I’m gonna just cover with a lid for two to three minutes. All right you guys, they’re all floating now, so you’re ready to turn off the heat and cover with a lid for two to three minutes. (lid clicks) All right you guys, it’s been three minutes, I waited longer because I wanted it to make it really chewy, ’cause that’s how like my Boba. So take that lid off my friends. It is now time to drain the Boba. And by the way I’m gonna go ahead to link this pot ’cause it is so bomb, I use it for spaghetti, for pasta and now for Boba. (upbeat music) (pot clatters) – Whoo, okay, good stuff, good stuff. All right you guys, now we are ready to add that honey on the Boba and while it’s still hot, that way it could melt together, oh my gosh. I’m so excited, I tried the Boba oh my goodness. It’s the best texture, it’s chewy just how I like it. I’m just mixing that, waiting ’til it’s all nice and mixed. I’m not wasting a bit of that honey. So now, you’re gonna grab those Boba cups. Now it’s time to add the Boba into those jars. (glass clatters) Damn, I feel like a Boba Shop. Let you guys, in the comments, tell me what’s my Boba shop name? Bubble Tea with April? (utensil clatters) No, get creative y’all. Now it’s time to add the milk you guys. You don’t have to add all of it, not at all. To me I can tell how much milk I like based off of color. Like I am that person who likes her milk tea Boba that much. So I decided to add a quarter cup instead of half the cup, and then you got to add your sugar. I didn’t mention sugar in the beginning of the video because you could do honey, you could do Augava, you could do brown sugar or white sugar, I’m just going in with the white sugar, and you guys it’s all based on taste. But for measuring sake I’m gonna do measurements just so that you guys can know how I like it exactly. In case you guys want to try the exact measurements of sweetness, so we’re gonna just start out with a tablespoon of sugar and we’re gonna whisk that. (utensil clatters) And then I’m gonna grab a clean spoon and try that. (lip smacks) Pretty good, but needs a little bit more. So we’re gonna just do two tablespoons of sugar and I’m not gonna use this spoon. Give it a good whisk. (whisk clatters) You guys, I mixed with some ice ’cause I like it real cold. And if you guys have a strainer put the strainer on, I can’t find mine so I’m gonna just to do it like this. (cat meows) Just pour, pour, pour, pour, pour, pour. That’s my cat, he a little jelly, he wants some. There we go, I could’ve done a little bit more but these are some big old jars you guys. We’ve got our taste tester Justin here, but let’s be honest, the person that really needs to taste it is me. – That’s true – I’m the one who likes it. – You know what, why don’t you do an honorary taste test? – Yes yes yes, I’m gonna let y’all know I got (laughs). – I’ll just be here as eye candy for you and for y’all. – Mm hmm. – Yeah. (laughs) – Taking it all in, this is life right here. Milk tea Boba and my man’s mm. Well, why was I was looking, I was like? – Ooh. (laughs) – Eh ha, I was keeping my head up. – These cameras are only getting. – Look into your eyes. – Waist up, yeah. – You guys, okay, my review, is hecka sweet but that’s my fault, I could do less sweet but the tapioca balls are so bomb. – I don’t think it’s that sweet. – And the fact it has honey oooh, so bomb. – I really don’t think it’s that sweet. – It’s bomb. The milk tea ratio, just all the measurements that I did, is so bomb. – It’s very good actually. – And it taste just like the place I love. – I’m gonna be honest, I judge Boba places by their tapioca. – And would you come at mine? – If they’re too soft, if they’re too firm, it has to be like perfect right in the middle and I’m very impressed. – I’m sure. – I’m very impressed because if I, when I saw the package from Amazon, I was like, ah. Like I don’t know. – Same, same. – But this is really good, I’m very impressed. – This Boba is so bomb I’m gonna link that. I’m mean it had really good reviews on Amazon so it has to be really really good. – These are really good. – And it is, it taste just like the place that I get it. They probably use that one. – I must say. Milk tea is like one of your go-to’s – Oh yeah, I love it. – I barely, Taro is like my thing. This is very good. – Thank you. – It’s very good milk tea. Yeah, it’s really good. – Thank you. I love love milk tea so much. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy you guys. You guys can see it, so if you guys make my milk tea Boba like all the breakdown of my recipe, you have to take a picture and DM me on Instagram. Because I have to re-gram you, I have to share that you made it. Like we could be the Boba team, oh my God, we could! So anyways, thank you guys so much for watching. I’m so happy I made my own Boba, that’s like a bucket list. – I know, for real. – Bucket list, yeah. – That’s pretty awesome. – I’m so excited I’m gonna link the Boba cups. The Boba itself, all of that down below in the information box. If you guys enjoy our videos please come back tasty Tuesdays – Yes, come on. – Sometimes thirsty Thursdays. Subscribe, click on that bell. And we’ll see you guys next time Bye. – Bye (upbeat music)

How to Make Royal Milk Tea (Recipe)

Royal Milk Tea – a milk tea with pudding bubbles – is one of the most popular bubble teas in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The serving amount of pudding in bubble tea varies, but Royal Milk Tea has a lot! In this post, I will give you the recipe to make the homemade pudding and Royal Milk Tea.

Video Transcript

just one cookbook how to make royal milk tea ingredients what you’ll need for 1 cup of royal milk tea 2 heaping tsp assam tea leaves, 3/4 cup water, 1/2 cup milk for 2 cups of royal milk tea 3 heaping tsp assam tea leaves, 1 cup water, 1 cup milk now let’s make royal milk tea in a small saucepan, add water and bring to a boil add tea leaves when water is boiling reduce heat and simmer for 1.5~2 minutes add milk and slowly bring to simmer remove from heat when about to boil enjoy with sugar or honey! subscribe to just one cookbook

How to Make Milk Tea (The Boba Guys Way)

Making Milk Tea is easy if you have the right instructions. The Boba Guys are well known in the San Francisco area for having some of the best boba I’ve ever had. This recipe is their secret formula that has won over thousands of people over to milk tea obsession.

Video Transcript

here at Globo guys we are all about radical transparency so we are excited to show the world we make our signature milk tea this is Benj our resident tea geek he’s going to break down the recipe for you first make a tea concentrate this will help to bring out the flavor of the tea when we add the other ingredients to do this you’ll need to use more tea and steep it for longer than you would your average cut for a classic milk tea with a medium body use two tablespoons of boba guys blend number one in 200 milliliters of hot water and steam for eight minutes [Music] next strain the tea and cool it down by pouring your concentrate over 200 milliliters of ice [Music] measure out 60 milliliters of milk at Boba guys we like to use Strauss organic milk but feel free to substitute with alternatives like almond milk or soy milk finally add your choice of sweetener to sweeten our milk teas we use our house-made syrup made from a brown sugar base you can also use honey or agave don’t forget to stir everyone prefers a different level of sweetness so adjust accordingly pour over ice and enjoy happy sippy [Music] [Music]