Milk tea boba or bubble tea is a popular Asian drink. It is the combination of a milk tea and chewy tapioca balls that are called “bubbles”. The craze has reached the U.S. and has become wildly popular. I love this drink, but I don’t live near any places that sell it. So, I figured homemade would be a fun thing to make, plus you can choose any flavor you want!

Video Transcript

(upbeat music) – Hey friends. – Hey everyone. – Thank you so much for tuning in to Cook With April on thirsty Thursdays. Been awhile friends. Today we are making my favorite drink, my addiction, it’s an addiction. – It definitely has been. (laughs) – I even DoorDash it. I UberEats it, I DoorDash it, whichever location I want, yeah. It’s bad. – Or she’ll have me stop by. If I even remotely near, I’ll know she’ll want. Yeah I have to get it a lot (laughs) – Yeah, yeah, I, yeah, so I was like you know what? Your girl needs to make it herself and save some coins ok? So, that’s what we’re doing, we’re making milk tea Boba. It’s also know as Bubble tea, all over the place. But I still call it Boba. So that’s what we’re gonna do you guys. You guys, so the first thing for Boba or Bubble tea is you’re gonna need those thick straws for the Bubble tea. You know what I’m talking about? I found this on amazon guys and it’s glass. The possibilities are endless with the Boba, you guys. So I will link all that below. And then you’re gonna need some creamer. This is regular old Coffee Mate creamer I saw when ever I go to like the Boba shop, they use creamer sometimes for their milk tea And that’s what we’re doing, we’re doing milk tea Boba And then honey because I want to mix the honey and the tapioca balls together, make it really sweet. It’s called honey Boba, so good. And since we’re doing milk tea Boba, pour some black tea, this I just got at Target. It’s by Simply Balance, it’s the breakfast blend. And of course, you need your tapioca pearls. I got this on Amazon y’all. ‘Cause I didn’t know where else to find it you know? So yeah, this one had really good reviews. So we’re doing a cup of that and some good old regular milk. So you guys, according to the tapioca pearl instructions, you’re supposed to boil 10 cups of water per one cup of tapioca pearls. So that’s what I’m working on right now, I’m trying to get this to a boil and then I’m gonna pop the tapioca pearls in there, but in the mean time, I’m also working on the hot water for the tea. You guys, I boiled some water and we’re gonna put it with the tea, so that’s gonna be two cups. It’s gonna be one cup per teabag and then using two teabags. So we’re just gonna let that stay and cool it down. So I like my tea pretty strong, so I’m gonna let it seep for about three minutes. Just leave it there like that, but while it’s still hot I want add the creamer and I want to use a whisk to mix it together, like that. Really well, and then I’m gonna just leave the teabags in there. All right you guys, I boiled that water and I’m just following the instructions on the back of the tapioca pearl instructions, you know? So now after boiling, you’re gonna add the tapioca pearls, but do it slowly. You don’t want to splash it on me, or you (laughs). There you go, you guys. And it says that we’re gonna wait for the pearls to float up top and once it floats we’re gonna cover with a lid for two to three minutes. You guys, it’s so cool all the Boba is starting to pop up. Like just like floating on top. That’s so fun to watch. I’m still waiting for a few, but after that I’m gonna just cover with a lid for two to three minutes. All right you guys, they’re all floating now, so you’re ready to turn off the heat and cover with a lid for two to three minutes. (lid clicks) All right you guys, it’s been three minutes, I waited longer because I wanted it to make it really chewy, ’cause that’s how like my Boba. So take that lid off my friends. It is now time to drain the Boba. And by the way I’m gonna go ahead to link this pot ’cause it is so bomb, I use it for spaghetti, for pasta and now for Boba. (upbeat music) (pot clatters) – Whoo, okay, good stuff, good stuff. All right you guys, now we are ready to add that honey on the Boba and while it’s still hot, that way it could melt together, oh my gosh. I’m so excited, I tried the Boba oh my goodness. It’s the best texture, it’s chewy just how I like it. I’m just mixing that, waiting ’til it’s all nice and mixed. I’m not wasting a bit of that honey. So now, you’re gonna grab those Boba cups. Now it’s time to add the Boba into those jars. (glass clatters) Damn, I feel like a Boba Shop. Let you guys, in the comments, tell me what’s my Boba shop name? Bubble Tea with April? (utensil clatters) No, get creative y’all. Now it’s time to add the milk you guys. You don’t have to add all of it, not at all. To me I can tell how much milk I like based off of color. Like I am that person who likes her milk tea Boba that much. So I decided to add a quarter cup instead of half the cup, and then you got to add your sugar. I didn’t mention sugar in the beginning of the video because you could do honey, you could do Augava, you could do brown sugar or white sugar, I’m just going in with the white sugar, and you guys it’s all based on taste. But for measuring sake I’m gonna do measurements just so that you guys can know how I like it exactly. In case you guys want to try the exact measurements of sweetness, so we’re gonna just start out with a tablespoon of sugar and we’re gonna whisk that. (utensil clatters) And then I’m gonna grab a clean spoon and try that. (lip smacks) Pretty good, but needs a little bit more. So we’re gonna just do two tablespoons of sugar and I’m not gonna use this spoon. Give it a good whisk. (whisk clatters) You guys, I mixed with some ice ’cause I like it real cold. And if you guys have a strainer put the strainer on, I can’t find mine so I’m gonna just to do it like this. (cat meows) Just pour, pour, pour, pour, pour, pour. That’s my cat, he a little jelly, he wants some. There we go, I could’ve done a little bit more but these are some big old jars you guys. We’ve got our taste tester Justin here, but let’s be honest, the person that really needs to taste it is me. – That’s true – I’m the one who likes it. – You know what, why don’t you do an honorary taste test? – Yes yes yes, I’m gonna let y’all know I got (laughs). – I’ll just be here as eye candy for you and for y’all. – Mm hmm. – Yeah. (laughs) – Taking it all in, this is life right here. Milk tea Boba and my man’s mm. Well, why was I was looking, I was like? – Ooh. (laughs) – Eh ha, I was keeping my head up. – These cameras are only getting. – Look into your eyes. – Waist up, yeah. – You guys, okay, my review, is hecka sweet but that’s my fault, I could do less sweet but the tapioca balls are so bomb. – I don’t think it’s that sweet. – And the fact it has honey oooh, so bomb. – I really don’t think it’s that sweet. – It’s bomb. The milk tea ratio, just all the measurements that I did, is so bomb. – It’s very good actually. – And it taste just like the place I love. – I’m gonna be honest, I judge Boba places by their tapioca. – And would you come at mine? – If they’re too soft, if they’re too firm, it has to be like perfect right in the middle and I’m very impressed. – I’m sure. – I’m very impressed because if I, when I saw the package from Amazon, I was like, ah. Like I don’t know. – Same, same. – But this is really good, I’m very impressed. – This Boba is so bomb I’m gonna link that. I’m mean it had really good reviews on Amazon so it has to be really really good. – These are really good. – And it is, it taste just like the place that I get it. They probably use that one. – I must say. Milk tea is like one of your go-to’s – Oh yeah, I love it. – I barely, Taro is like my thing. This is very good. – Thank you. – It’s very good milk tea. Yeah, it’s really good. – Thank you. I love love milk tea so much. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy you guys. You guys can see it, so if you guys make my milk tea Boba like all the breakdown of my recipe, you have to take a picture and DM me on Instagram. Because I have to re-gram you, I have to share that you made it. Like we could be the Boba team, oh my God, we could! So anyways, thank you guys so much for watching. I’m so happy I made my own Boba, that’s like a bucket list. – I know, for real. – Bucket list, yeah. – That’s pretty awesome. – I’m so excited I’m gonna link the Boba cups. The Boba itself, all of that down below in the information box. If you guys enjoy our videos please come back tasty Tuesdays – Yes, come on. – Sometimes thirsty Thursdays. Subscribe, click on that bell. And we’ll see you guys next time Bye. – Bye (upbeat music)