Japanese Mom making Coconut Tapioca in my Kitchen

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Video Transcript

hey guys so my mom’s going to make some Nutella oka it was good man sir yeah coconut tapioca yes coconut tapioca sole wishes some luck let’s see how it goes [Music] [Applause] [Music] so here we are picked up some tapioca pearls I guess it really doesn’t matter what brand just make sure they’re small tapioca pearls okay and just picked up whatever can of coconut milk again no particular brand say I got two different brands I’m gonna double up mines that’s why I got two cans of coconut milk sugar okay then we’re gonna need some salt and water I’m gonna double up on the water so the water is usually one and a half so double-a it’s gonna be three this is two so I’m gonna old one more cup all right it’s your Heidi freaked up okay so she smiled said she’s gonna boil three cups of water we’re doubling this recipe so right now it’s three cups of suji one and a half three cups okay that’d be your cup me okay one cup of tapioca the pearls okay all right so one cup so usually this is half so we’re doing double again so one cup looks like rice yeah okay so you’re gonna rinse it yeah my parameter so yeah so she’s gonna rinse this Chester rinses they said for about maybe 10 to 15 minutes yeah she’s gonna rinse her tapioca pearl drops for dinner yeah it’s a little bit some burrows into 15 minutes or so to get it stringing it up be effective okay so you put the tapioca inside so we have to shut the stir it so it doesn’t stick together so we have to cook it this chant loose it and we have to keep stirring it that looks good mom that looks good but still not see-through has to become translucent not yet what check in a few seconds [Music] working hard since humbug yeah but it’s gonna be good mom they always eat some oil you have to keep stirring it’s gonna be good and whip some frozen mango we thought we’d pop it with the bubble you know you know what I’m – yeah you know we’re trying to get it Gentiles said yeah mmm well I hope this recipe turns out good okay now she’s gonna add the cream yeah mom so you can yep so – smells good [Music] that’s nice okay so this sugar is 1/3 cup what’s not done 2/3 cup Okuma agrees and she’s gonna add 1/4 teaspoon of salt yes nope it’s not a donkey Otis salt we’re just using the container we’re gonna stir so nanny arm chicken good ain’t it about about seven minutes or so yes to seven to ten minutes slowly she likes her soft and make sure it’s off that’s the spirit yep no about seven minutes or so hmm looks like it’s gonna be really good I think it what kinda they’ll be good mom don’t worry be good yep then we leave it out about 20 minutes or so with it off yeah I’m gonna cool down a little bit then you can put in our container to the frigerator yes I want to taste that I can’t be it is looking really good yeah mom love how it looks you know we tried to make tapioca before you guys it’s coconut tapioca and we messed up yes so we’re so hesitant to try it again but you know she always buy it at ballet and after why adds up you want to make your own yes mm-hmm mango ready too delicious mango frozen mango gonna defrost that and I can pop that right on top of our tapioca I can’t wait it looks good [Music] hmm you wanted to I guess you could put other things inside by the way guys I saw this really really really yellow rng orange really bright color pineapple here at costco isn’t it beautiful had to show it to you guys that is beautiful and I never saw one that pretty I think it’s a Maui a Maui pineapple it’s only $2.99 over Costco I always buy their pineapple cuz us only three dollars okay so she’s gonna put in a bowl people yep she’s putting in their bowls and then we’re gonna leave it little while for room temperature and then we’re gonna put in a fridge mmm that looks good mom not bad not bad for amateurs not bad at all you know I’m sure it’s gonna be good she’s all nervous it’s not gonna be good because again we made it before and it came out funny I told her she should make an al : because she likes uncle mm-hmm yeah I think so the sweet bean one what do you guys think I think she should home taro I think so mom yeah I think alcohol would be great because she loves it smooth like we had a smooth uncle and mix it this I think it’d be good if she makes our alcohol yoke on your car with the alcohol and the coconut on the top thin layer of coconut milk mm-hmm you need more balls mom she got me them oh no you did telling us you nice okay so she’s gonna leave these at room temperature and I put in a fridge hmm can’t wait that’s gonna be good looks good you can’t coconut like this drizzling coconut it’s good [Music] the recipe made this many bowls yet this is how many bowls and filled up its yeah not that big of bowls but yes this is so much I filled up now let’s see how good it tastes mmm that looks so good that’s the mango on top of the tapioca oh my gosh that looks so good I can’t wait to eat it people okay guys so we’re gonna try the pudding but see how he came out you know it’s been in the fridge for a while so limit yes it did look mom how’s that I’m so sold okay you can try to burst here okay so we’re gonna try this tapioca so go ahead mom oh you probably don’t even need the mangles there’s me how do you fit me yes sings there’s the first time she ever made it let me try without the mango first so there’s nothing over that what Xena mmm that’s good you don’t really need the mango music they put pilot blueberry no not blueberry no hmm I’m just gonna try to mangle so good of course I got a copy now okay my mangoes to be sorry the zoo condo to succeed on me yeah let’s cut the mangoes smaller first yeah I just threw it in there so she’s basically telling me I screwed up ha ha hmm that’s gone I can’t believe it was really easy and cheap to [Music] Allah hmm tapiocas so good so pump in Cooper the uncle I think would be good in saitama no Hong Kong no eat Omo see I think so what else would be good you probably put food snow yeah of course she’s really not big everything always gonna come up last time I think we put too much tapioca thinking we had too much liquid so I put too much tapioca inside and so it just was dry yeah I think it was dry we just totally screwed up yeah well anyway thanks guys you know thanks for joining us I hope you enjoyed it you know she’s trying to learn how to cook things out of her box so that’s a good thing you know she’s trying to make the things that she likes to eat so she doesn’t buy everything take out which she usually doesn’t it doing they’re excluding you I mean it yeah she’s learning that’s right Oh see see if she said make it it’s really really easy it was well we had to make twice than that but came out really good okay and of course you can tweak it however you want okay all right so don’t forget you guys to give us a thumbs up give my mom a thumbs up okay and don’t forget if you have it don’t forget to subscribe okay so we’re gonna have more of her cooking things you know because I know a lot of you do enjoy I gotta take advantage of it why I can’t okay thanks mom hi all right thank you all right we’ll see you guys again at all thank you how do you feel you guys is thank you okay alright guys so I have a good weekend alright see you later bye bye [Music]