Heavenly Mango Tapioca Recipe

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Video Transcript

[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome to cooking with you this is chan and for today’s video we’re making mango tapioca pudding so for today’s recipe we’re going to start with four right yellow mangles 1/2 a cup of sugar 400 milliliters of coconut milk which is a can follow the width 2 teaspoon basil seeds that are soaked in water for 15 minutes so the basil seeds they kind of look like sesame seeds but a bit smaller for those who don’t know follow it up with half a cup of tapioca pearls make sure that you soak them at least 45 minutes prior we’re also including half a teaspoon of salt and then 500 milliliters of water so now we’re going to dice up the mangos in order to do so we’re gonna cut the mango in half like so make sure that you get as much as you can from the pit with the half of the mango cut we’re gonna dice it up keeping in mind that we’re not cutting the skin just the flesh now we’re gonna grab a spoon and then we’re going to scrape as much as we can from the skin and there you go you have your mango pieces continue this step for the rest of the mangos now I’m going to show you how to get as much mango flesh from the pit itself especially on the side so on the side we’re gonna start by cutting off the skin from the mango and then we’re gonna just cut along as much as we can on the side it’s gonna be a long piece but we’re gonna use that piece for the puree so now we’re going to use half of the mango pieces to make the puree just scoping out the ugly pieces that are long they’re too thin and not necessarily diced up very well into the blender itself or the food processor so if you don’t have either of those you can always just mash it up or just pass them through with a spoon on a strainer and then I’ll be mashed up very finely so now we’re blending this very finely in the food processor or the blender just make sure that it’s a pureed texture because we’re going to be incorporating this in the coconut tapioca mix so it has to be very fine now in a medium sized pot on medium low heat we’re going to add the 500 milliliter of water into the pot followed up with the 400 milliliter of coconut milk add in half the cup of sugar half a teaspoon of salt and now we’re gonna stir it up until the sugar is dissolved and all of the ingredients are combined now we’re going to take the drain tapioca pearls and put them into the pot it’s important that you stir frequently because the tapioca pearls they tend to stick to the bottom and to among themselves by stirring it or keeping them up afloat and apart from each other so after about 15 minutes your tapioca pearls should be fully cooked in order to know this you can just simply taste some if they’re soft and not chewy then they’re ready to go now that the tapioca pearls are cut the we’re going to turn off the heat and then we’re gonna add in the mango puree so once the mango purees are in we’re just gonna stir it and tell everything is fully incorporated and it’s fully bright too yellow so this mango pudding has served it chilled who are going to transfer the pudding from the pot into a large bowl leave it out for room temperature to cool down and then we’re gonna put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes once it’s chilled we’re gonna top it off with the mango chunks that we have iron with a bit of the basil seed on top for garnishing and serve [Music] [Music] [Music] I hope you guys like my video if you enjoyed this please don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel and let me know in the comment section have a great day guys