Healthy Alternative To Tapioca Pearls

Our tapioca pearls are prepared with certified organic tapioca, ginger and purified water. We don’t use any preservatives, sugars or artificial flavors. Not only do they offer an alternative to bubble teas, but they’re also great for creating innocent smoothies (even without the bubbles), tropical drinks, chewy puddings or as a gelatin replacement in Jello or panna cotta.

Video Transcript

[Music] hey guys i’m lucia welcome to my channel when i first started working from home i was like yes this is my golden opportunity to lose weight i don’t have to commute to work so that gives me more time to cook healthy and exercise but it turned out that after i started working from home i sit in my bed about 201 t three and a half hours every single day so before i knew it i gained three pounds so today i decided that i’m going to restart my diet and we’re going to start by making some sugar-free brown sugar boba i pull into your driveway it’s a saturday night you look like a million bucks wearing that dress i like you’re [Music] [Music] count on me there’s a party in the backyard that’s your problems away i’m all about the good vibes [Music] right but i will make you forget all your sorrows [Music] there’s a party in the backyard [Music] well this one just tastes like a regular one for sure it just tastes like regular boba and the first bowl it’s too hard this one’s softer so this boba is better yeah i just want better but we’re good i like it very chewy what score would you give from zero to ten [Music] eight eight what about this one one five so we’re giving you a new flower recipe every single week during these crazy times please feel free to take pictures of [Music] get some rest come by your site [Music] lay your head on my chest know you’ve had a really bad day [Music] okay if all the blues we’re gonna be okay [Music] hey guys it’s five o’clock now and i just changed into long pants because andrew and i are gonna go out now to volunteer with a rabbit rescue and it’s outdoors so there might be mosquitoes and stuff so i figured pants would be better [Music] oh gosh there’s a bunny do you guys see it he’s right there they’re domestic what they do only the squirrel looking ones are wild like this color is not [Music] these bushes are so thorny one of the funniest years is it just breaks my heart [Music] oh [Music] this is the bunny with the ear injury it’s okay you’re safe now hey guys update we got the bunnies they’re gonna go see the vet right now and after they’re spayed and neutered they’ll be ready for adoption i’m so glad that they’re safe now and they’re going to go home to great families thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you guys next time bye [Music] you