Coffee Jelly With Tapioca

Coffee Jelly with Tapioca is a mixture of coffee, sugar and tapioca made from black or white glutinous rice. Coffee Jelly with Tapioca infused by the rich aroma of coffee, a delicacy that you can enjoy in many ways such as on its own, poured over ice cream and served with waffles or just as a finger food.

Video Transcript

Sawaddee Ka! welcome to hot thai kitchen it’s getting really hot here in Vancouver so time for another refreshing summer desserts and of course one of the most popular desserts in Thailand for when the weather’s hot is what we call “woon” or agar agar jelly which you guys seem to love very much so the variation that I wanna share with you today is what we call woon gafae, now won is agar agar jelly, and gafae is coffee but it’s more like a coffee and cream agar jelly it’s really good if you’re an iced coffee fan this one is for you let’s get started so there are two different parts to this dessert the coffee part and the coconut cream part so I’m gonna make the coffee part first I’m using of course Thai coffee now you don’t have to use Thai coffee but I think like the flavor is just more authentic if you can get it it’s darker and smoke here and the grains are just a little bit coarse just like that I’m just going to make coffee like I normally would Thai coffee I’m gonna add some hot water hot off the boil water I am gonna use my coffee sock here this is like a classic Thai tool for making Thai tea hi coffee it’s just like a cloth bag with a little handle you can use any kind of coffee filter or you can just add the coffee directly into the water and strain it out later if you want so whatever however it’s gonna work for you and then let that steep for about 5 minutes so while that’s going I’m gonna make the auger portion of it so I’ve just got some plain water here in this pot and I’m gonna add some agar agar powder so I got a powder you can get at Asian grocery stores Japanese stores also have it they call it gun fen if you want to buy it online I do have it listed in my kit up with the link in the description box below so I’m just gonna sprinkle the agar powder into the water and you want to make sure you do this when the water is cold if it’s hot the powder is just gonna clump up together and I’m gonna let this now come to a boil I want to be stirring it quite frequently because otherwise the powder will settle to the bottom and sometimes kind of like gels up the bottom of your pot so my auger solution has come to a full boil I’ve turned it down slightly be careful this boils over because the liquid is quite viscous at this point so don’t walk away definitely now you want to check that all the powders dissolved and I like to use a metal spoon so I can take some in my spoon pour it out and then I look to see if I can see any grain still stuck to the spoon and if you don’t see anything you’re fine so now time to add the coffee now one of the reasons why I like to dissolve the agar powder in water and not in coffee like I could have just made a lot of coffee and boil it but it’s hard to see whether the powder has dissolved so whenever I’m making a girl I always do the powder in clear water first before I start adding other things okay and now some sugar of course and you can make this as sweet or as not sweet as you like I also like to add just a pinch of salt and I do this in my regular Thai coffee – I just feel it cuts the sweetness nicely just going to bring this back to a simmer it doesn’t have to come back to a full boil to dissolve the sugar and that’s done so now we’re gonna make the cream layer and while you’re doing this make sure you keep your coffee layer covered and warm so put it on the stove at the lowest heat setting you can possibly go don’t let it boil away or if you have a warming function on your stove use that as well okay you don’t want that to set while you’re making your other layer so the process is very much the same I’ve just got some water here I’m gonna go in with agar agar powder which by the way is made from seaweed extract so it is a suitable dessert for vegetarians all right so my agar powder is dissolved I’ve checked work clear literally so now I’m gonna add some coconut milk and you want a good news good coconut milk for this whenever you make desserts the quality of your coconut milk matters so much more because there isn’t a lot of other flavours involved so if you want to know the one that I recommend it is listed in my kit as well I will put the link in the description below you could just add all coconut milk if you want but I really prefer a combination of coconut milk and evaporated milk because that’s like a classic combination right it’s high coffee we always add some evaporated milk or condensed milk and I find that coconut milk alone it’s just doesn’t quite work as well some sugar of course and a little bit of salt this one a little bit more when you whenever you’re making coconut dessert it always benefits from just a touch of saltiness and I’ve got a simmer and we are done time to assemble this recipe it’s the perfect amount for an 8-inch round pan so it’s 2 inches high this one you can put it in whatever kind of mould you like little cups little whatever silicone ones will make it easier to get out the jelly but if you don’t have silicone ones I have devised a trick that works really well and getting it out I’m gonna oil this pan just ever so slightly like about a tiny bit of oil on this paper you don’t want excess oil in here because you pour the liquid in and it’s like the oil extra oils gonna start floating into your jelly just a tiny little bit just to create a more slick surface okay I’m gonna start out with my coffee layer and I’m gonna do about a cup of liquid per layer but again depends on your patience you can do thick layers so it’s less work for you you thin layers it’s more work for you it’s kind of up to you I have to let this set obviously before I can pour the next layer in want to keep that covered and hot but you don’t want to let this completely cool and set solid before you pour the next layer and it’s so important so many of you have try have had trouble with the layers not sticking together when you make my other our courage le recipe this is it right here if you let the bottom layer set to cold the likelihood of the top layer not sticking to it is high so don’t forget about it it’s just started to set and I want to show you see I’m gonna press it on and it’s up but it’s still warm should still be a little bit elastic I’m gonna pour the top layer on and the top layer should be hot steaming hot like you can see me right here that’s another thing that’ll help the two layers stick together as well and as you can see I’m pouring it through a sieve because sometimes because there’s milk involved sometimes you’ll get skin that forms and that is its so you now let this set just a little bit before you pour the next layer on and so on and so forth so in the beginning it may be take five minutes to cool if you put a fan to it but as it gets thicker it’ll take longer because there’s more substance there so it could take ten up to 15 minutes before that layer set so it does take some time you again don’t have to do as many layers as I’m doing and if you do little ones if you do little like use little cups they’ll take no time to cool at all so if you don’t want to wait you can make little ones here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for all day it’s all nice and chilled now to get this out usually I have my little offset spatula that’s really thin but I forgot to bring it so this is the second best thing a thin spatula of some sort I guess you have a thin butter knife that would work too and I’m just gonna go around just to release it from the edge one of the tricks that I like to do is before I attempt to flip this out with this gap that I’m creating I’m gonna add just a little bit water so I’ve just got some plain water using a brush and I’m just gonna drop a few drops of water along the side just I find it helps it slide out a little easier see this would all not be a problem if you have a small mold and you just like flip it use a little knife to just get it out or if you’re using a silicone mold okay so let’s see how this works fingers crossed I think I heard it go Dada look how shiny that is it looks so good I don’t even want to touch it I don’t want to do anything it looks like something from a Marvel movie or something there we go and see because we paid attention the layers are sticking pretty well together it’s not falling apart when you cut it there’s something so satisfying about cutting our jelly it’s like a weird feeling cool that looks all you have to do is eat it now one of the benefits of our jelly is you don’t need to keep it refrigerated all the time I mean it’s nicer when it’s cold but if it’s out in the Sun like this thing does not melt at room temperature in fact if you want to remelt it you need to really put it on the stove to remelt it so it’s one of the perks of agar jelly so refreshing if you love a nice glass of iced coffee that’s a little sweet a little creamy this is perfect and that combination of coconut milk and evaporated milk creates just the perfect contrast with the coffee mmm man I could eat that all day you know what would be really good as well is if you cut it into small cubes and then you add it into actual iced coffee and have it like bubble tea that would be really good too and the recipe as always will be on hot Thai Kitchen come when you make it I definitely want to see a photo of it so send it to me on Facebook Twitter or Instagram also on Pinterest for those of you who are pinners and if you haven’t subscribed to the show make sure you do so you don’t miss an awesome recipe like this and click the little bell icon as well so you get a notification when I post a new video if you love the show and you want to support us check out our patreon link in the description box below and I will see you next time for your next delicious Thai tea you