Coconut Tapioca Pudding With Mango And Lime

Bonfire Bubble Tea is a house-made, creamy coconut tapioca pudding with mango and lime marinated in pandan tea. Tapioca pearls are made with brown sugar and covered in liquid smoke for more than minutes under high pressure to create a chewy snack that pairs well with ice cream, milk tea, or as a quick dessert dip! Enjoy Bonfire Bubble Tea as a drink or snack. As we strive to bring you the best bubble tea experience both online and through delivery, we hope you enjoy this new breed of tapioca!

Video Transcript

hi folks Janine here from Denise gluten-free kitchens today we’re going to be making banana coconut tapioca pudding it’s a recipe that comes from Asia and Thailand and it is an absolute favorite in our house and for all our friends every time we make it they say please put this on this channel here it is for you [Music] tapioca pudding is such a great dessert it is so easy four ingredients five ingredients five ingredients and tastes fantastic as I said we’ve got our tapioca pearls that we have soaked in almond milk which we made earlier so if you want that recipe just go to our other video link and we soak that for an hour so you can see the beads underneath it don’t you throw them in to our hand and to that we’ve got a tin of coconut milk I really like the AM brand because it is a very pure coconut milk and a really lovely creamy texture if you used cream you just get a much richer pudding to that we’re going to add a dash of vanilla about a teaspoon and finally we’ve got a third of a cup of maple syrup and you can equally use coconut sugar if you want to keep it paleo now give that a little bit of a stir and so what we want to do with this pudding is bring it to the boil turn it down and let it simmer just for maybe five minutes and then that’ll be ready for putting into our dishes and refrigerated [Music] so that’s just come to the boil and I’ve just turned it down to a simmer and it’s already getting really nice and thick and you kind of know when tapiocas almost cooked because it becomes a quite translucent that’s a really quite thick now beautiful and I think it needs any more than that turned it off and now it’s ready to be served well not served so we’ve got to put in our cups and let it go that’s so good I have to try something um alright so we’ve got our cute little cups now you can put them into bowls you can put them in any way you want but I really like cups because you can see them you can see the dessert and I’ve got my trusty ice cream scoop that I’m going to let up so this recipe serves for very generous desserts I might do a little bit of fancy stuff play our banana so it looks a bit chewed up let’s do that okay you want to make sure your bananas are right but not so right that they’re mushy and over sweet but they do need to be ripe enough that they’re not starchy and flowery [Music] and bananas so good with a mouthful of tapioca pudding so you know we have a little bit of extra in the middle and just make it taste nicer all right let’s put another scoop on so what else goes really well with tapioca pudding and that is mango if you eat mango and as does passionfruit [Music] we made a really delicious one the other day for a dinner party we layered the the lemon curd from the from our lemon tart recipe in between layers of this [Music] tapioca pudding and put a little bit of fresh passion fruit pulp and it was sensational so you’re looking for fancy dinner parties dessert can I highly recommend it all right so that is our puddings and I’m just gonna get some coconut and we’re gonna decorate it be back Missy so we have some coconut shredded coconut that we’ve pan-fried to make it nice and toasty I’m just going to put a little sprinkle of that on each to give it a little bit of extra texture and make a little bit special voila so there you have a guy the banana coconut tapioca pudding a very simple and really great recipe that you can use in a number of ways I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you have please hit the like button and we would love to hear from you in the comments so give us some feedback and also make requests for some recipes that you’d like to see us make subscribe and if you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on our videos hit that Bell and we look forward to the next episode see you later [Music] today we are gonna be making a banana [Music] that they have a guys [Music] you you