Brown Sugar Milk Tea Recipe (Make Your Own Boba Pearls)

Brown Sugar Milk Tea, also known as Bao Zhong, is a very popular Chinese drink that’s similar to bubble tea. It has a lot of variations in terms of tea flavour and the sweetener used but it’s most commonly made using brown sugar or maltose. Brown sugar milk tea is made using the same technique as Boba or pearl drinks. Here is how you can make your own!

Video Transcript

so we’re making this video today simply because I don’t really understand the whole craze behind milk tea or foam tea or whatever you want to call it [Music] seems to be a lot of them coming out in the market I personally haven’t really tried any which is probably more hi I don’t understand it much so we went ahead to try one of the most popular ones right now making rounds on social media with crazy lines so we’ll get people’s feedback see how they’re going over there [Music] [Music] three hours something like that like [Music] after a huge shift it’s like I did I get this a beauty piece like a note e a time where they can deal with a lot of brown sugar in it it’s like bernie bud I think that the Prince yeah definitely came here milk he’s played football time bomb then it’s creamier [Music] you know it’s not very good the illustrating hey dementia hye-won idk self-esteem it’s pretty intense just for milk tea this is it right here this is the original from Tiger sugar there’s some nice like caramel sweetness undertones to it the tapioca balls or translucent brown I’m not sure if that’s because they’re caramel caramelized sugar thing because they’re only slightly sweet not too sweet nice and chewy I only very very kind of like subtly taste tea but I mean I mean it’s a comforting drink right so it’s a tea milk you know kind of like brainless combination that a lot of people love already and you just make it cold and then obviously the the boba or the tapioca starch or the saga or whatever you want to call it just gives it texture you know it makes it kind of fun to drink so if you want to actually try and brave the lines you know this says great as a tiger go for it but I’m gonna try to hack it at home [Music] so they’re couple of intricate pieces and important pieces to this recipe if we’re gonna get it right one obviously is the tapioca balls themselves the boba balls if you want to call them that and also the syrup because one of the things that Tiger sugar has that a lot of people take pictures of is are those stripes of kind of like I guess you can call it caramel on the side so those are the things we kind of want to try and figure out so the recipe is actually quite simple it gave me a major PTSD from might the host handle I’m making the hope or basically a Filipino breakfast what you want to start off with is actually just dissolve some sugar with some boiling water you’re then gonna throw in your tapioca starch all that goes onto the stove very very very low simmer until it gets really really thick once it gets nice and thick and you want to make sure you’re continuously stirring that so that you’re not burning the bottom or or discoloring it in any way you then roll out everything to really combine that dough get that dough nice and acquainted but itself so it looks like one whole piece cut those into manageable pieces and then roll them out when you’re rolling them out it’s really important to try to get about one centimeter in diameter at the end of the day really it’s up to you how thick or how big you want those bubble balls to be once I completely rolled out you’ll see they’re gonna be kind of sticky you want to roll them into balls make sure that they’re nice and round and then throw them in sand some tapioca starch then comes the next part really simple you want to boil and cook those bubble bubbles for about 20 minutes on a low simmer the way I decided to do it is boil it twice in some sugar water so I went ahead and created a very liquid brown Muscovado sugar syrup in which I cooked the tapioca balls i cooked those for about 15 minutes i didn’t strain them into some nice ice cold water so that they retained that bouncing chewiness once they were nice and cool I went ahead and made a thicker syrup this time same basic ingredients and Muscovado sugar of some water I added a little bit of salt because I think it’ll really just bring out all those caramel bits and flavors in there and then that you cook for about 20 minutes once that’s cooked you want to take everything including a syrup out you’ll see this it’s nice and thick and on the other side what I did to try to get those strings is I got a nice thick just Muscovado and water no tapioca whatever sugar syrup here and that’s what’s gonna line our glass all of this needs to cool down really really well and then obviously you’re gonna start steeping the tea so all you want to do I did two bags over steep a little bit so it has a little bit of that bitterness because it’s gonna be mixed in anyways with some milk later on it really comes down to how strong you want that tea flavor to be in the overall finished product time to make the tea you could actually combine it but I think a little bit of froth would be nice so we’re going to go ahead and grab our oversee bootie put that in a little shaker to that I’m gonna add some full cream whole milk in there the color is always kind of like a pale ish beige brown here you come check it out so this is just one ice cube in there quickly gonna shake that just aerate it a bit at this point it’s really just gonna taste like cold milk tea so that’s mixed you’ll see some bubbles and that’s kind of what I wanted to achieve just a little bitter aeration there now we’re actually gonna go ahead and make the bubble team so I’m gonna start with the pearls and then gonna line the glass with the thicker syrup we can go ahead and fill it in with the tea so you should have something nice and frothy nice and pretty strips on the side all we got to do now is actually tried that’s actually pretty good let me try those pearls look at them right here they’re well cooked through they’re nice and thick so there you have it next time if you don’t want to brave the lines you can make it at home it’s a really annoying recipe to make so I probably wouldn’t suggest it but it’s actually not that long it’s just a lot of in and outs in terms of process here are the total cost to make one portion of a homemade brown sugar milk tea so now it comes down to you how much you value your time and how much of a fan are you of milk tea at the end of the day if you value staying in line for a long time to try milk tea go for it if you want to make it at home go for it as well you keep doing you see ya [Music] you [Music]

I Made Homemade Brown Sugar Boba Milk From Scratch

Homemade boba has taken the bubble tea market by storm. Unfortunately, there are few resources on how to make homemade brown sugar boba milk. It took me about a year of testing and tweaking to come up with the recipe below. I will tell you upfront that this process is a little time consuming, but the result is very much worth it.

Video Transcript

(soft music) – Hey everyone, this is Inga. It is Sunday today. It’s a beautiful day outside. I’m at home, in my kitchen. A bunch of you have asked me how I make my own boba at home, so I figured today would be a great day to kind of show you guys how I do it. I’m thinking of making a brown sugar boba milk, because recently it’s just been blowing up in New York. I had the chance to go to OG location in Taiwan. Apparently, it’s shut down now, but basically, it’s (speaks foreign language). And brown sugar boba milk is pretty just brown sugar, boba, and milk. There’s no tea involved, so it’s really Just these really sweet, really indulgent drinks. It’s actually fairly simple to make it at home. Today, I am going to make my own version of it, so then I can just enjoy it in the comforts of my own home and hopefully you can too. Let’s get started on the boba first. There’s really only three ingredients. Tapioca starch, there’s water, and then there is brown sugar. And you just combine these together. Taking it off the heat to combine it with some tapioca starch. Put it back on and let it slowly cook to thicken. It’s almost like thick mochi sauce. We are now good to add the rest of the starch and combine. You don’t wanna over mix it, but then you also wanna make sure that it’s like combined. Pouring it out. And now we knead. You just wanna keep on kneading this while it still retains it’s heat. Combine it all, combine it all. (light music) There we go. This could be one giant boba ball. But we’re not going that today, so I’m gonna roll this out now and make this into little boba balls. I wanna make sure they retain their moisture while we work on this one. (light music) This feels really smooth right now. Now we can start chopping it up. Now roll it up like so. Our first three boba balls. Now we’re just gonna keep going. This is definitely the most time consuming process. There’s a hack that somebody did where they used a straw to kind of stamp the boba balls out. Here’s your first batch of boba balls. There are little uneven, but that’s okay. It’s just for me to eat anyways. They kind of look like soy beans right now. Throw them in here and toss them around just to coat it. I’ve got these two more mini doughs to go, so I’m gonna finish this off and hopefully we’ll have plenty of boba by the end of this. (soft jazz music) A little toss. All my boba is now done. It looks like this. So these are the ones that you can buy at the Asian markets. These are the ones I made. They look kind of similar. And I think even though I said some of them came out uneven, they actually look pretty similar shaped here. You could probably feed like two or three people with this, but I’ll probably eat it all by myself. Let’s get the water boiling and cook these. Now we can toss this in just like that. Give it a little stir. The ratio is important, you don’t want too little water. Since I’m not making that much, this is a pretty good amount. So I’m gonna let it boil for I think around 15 minutes, then I’m gonna cover it up, turn off the heat, and let it sit for another 10 minutes. I’m gonna go sit down and chill for a little bit. The boba’s almost done, so over here, I am gonna start working out our brown sugar syrup. This is the muscovado sugar I’ve been using. Then I’m gonna add enough sugar for it to dissolve. Now we just wait for this to melt. Okay, the boba is now done. I have a bowl of ice water here, which I’m gonna put the boba in. This step really just helps it become more QQ, which is to give it that bounce and chewiness. Look at them, wow. They feel like they’re gonna be super chewy right now. And then we’re gonna go back over to this side and add the boba into the brown sugar. My boba. So I’m just gonna cook these down now until it becomes that beautiful syrup. It’s super goopy now. I think it’s looking really good. There we go. I have all the components ready now, now it’s just to build the drink. This is the most exciting part. (light music) There we go. And here it is, our brown sugar boba milk. Ta da! Wow, I am so excited. I feel like I might have gone a little heavy on the brown sugar. It’s gonna be really sweet, but– Oh, okay. I know I’m just drinking milk right now, but I do wish I had a boba straw. Mix it up a little. Oh, this is so good. This is so satisfying. There’s also a lot of sugar in here. The boba is like perfectly chewy. It really just smells like caramel pudding. It smells so good. Right now it just looks like milk tea. I’m just adding in some tea that I made earlier. Oh my god, this is amazing. I hope this was helpful. I already finished most of my boba during the time I’ve been talking to you guys. I hope you guys enjoy this video. I had a lot of fun. Honestly, I just make a bunch of stuff at home all the time, the most randomest things. If you guys like seeing me do that, let me know in the comments. If you haven’t subscribed to already, subscribe, and let me know what else you wanna see. This was a great success, yay! (light jazz music)

How to Make Homemade Boba (Tapioca Pearls) – DIY Brown Sugar Boba Recipe

Want to make your own homemade tapioca pearls? Today we’ll be showing how to make your very own batch of brown sugar boba (Tapioca Pearls). Tasty homemade tapioca balls sweetened with brown sugar and a simple recipe.

Video Transcript

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back! Today’s video is sponsored by hellofresh the food delivery service that brings fresh seasonal ingredients right to your doorstep. Get started with eight free meals. That’s $80 off your first month by heading over to and using the code Emmy80. Thanks to hello fresh for sponsoring this video. And today we’re going to be making HOMEMADE BOBA Boba! Now a few of you have requested this and I first thought this is insanity Why would anyone ever make a homemade boba? but then I began to do my research and I believe I see the light. So I did my first boba recipe how to make milk tea boba recipe years ago It’s probably about four years ago now I’ll put a link to the baby..i mean video above and down below But in that video I use pre-made boba. They come in a package. They’re vacuum sealed and you just boil your boba Very very simple. Today, I’m gonna show you how to actually make those tapioca balls If you’re not familiar with boba tea, boba tea is a type of tea That was I believe invented in Taiwan and it has big tapioca pearls usually they’re kind of darker in color and they’re very chewy and bouncy and they’re in the bottom of a glass and usually topped with a milk tea. A black tea that is Sweetened and enriched with milk and you drink the tea along with the boba pearls at the bottom. So you have this kind of simultaneous Eating and drinking experience. It’s actually much more delightful than I am describing and delicious So I thought the boba craze is over, but it is not it is not. I just read an article in eater I’ll put the link down the description about a branch of tiger sugar opening up in New York So I went down the rabbit hole That is the internet to learn more about Tiger sugar Which is a chain that originated in Taiwan that makes this particular type of boba drink So it has the boba pearls, nice big ones at the bottom which they make in-house fresh Which I’m going to be attempting today, and they’re cooked at the bottom in this beautiful dark sugary syrup That syrup is coated on the inside of the plastic cup and then milk is added and then it’s topped with a slightly thickened cream on top So basically you have a Brown sugary icy milk drink with boba chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. Sounds fantastic and visually, it’s very very striking. It’s made for Instagram that’s the reason why they call it Tiger sugar is because the sugar that lines the inside of the cup as it dissolves into the milk creates this kind of stripy tiger pattern. So at this point, in East and Southeast Asia, there are many different brands of this type of brown sugar boba, including one called Xing Fu Tang. So I’m imagining there must be some reasoning to making boba fresh like they do at Xing Fu Tang. So I’m very curious to see how the homemade version compares to the store-bought. I’m also curious to see what the brown sugar milk tastes. Like I was about to say tea but it won’t contain tea. I’m also curious to see how the brown sugar milk compares to milk tea which I love — so to compare that in my mind will be interesting and I’m also just up for the challenge of doing this. So before we get started on the recipe, let me tell you a little bit more about hellofresh. Hellofresh is a food delivery service that brings seasonal fresh ingredients and simple step-by-step recipes right to your doorstep. They make making homemade meals super easy and delicious. Hellofresh is flexible. If you’re looking for vegetarian recipes, family recipes, fun recipes, hellofresh has options for you! Hellofresh is also a great way to get out of recipe ruts because every week there are over 20 different recipes that are chef-curated and seasonal to choose from — so lots of options, lots of variety, and it’s really flexible: if you want to change your delivery dates, if you want to change your food preferences, if you want to skip a week, hellofresh makes it really simple and easy. So this week my family really loved the roasted veggie caprese bowl. This was a new recipe for me and I absolutely loved it. Simple to put together and just beautiful on the plate — really delicious meal. So hellofresh is now from $5.66 a serving and it’s a really great way to make home-cooked meals a reality So get started with eight free meals, that’s $80 off your first month by heading over to and using the code Emmy80. Big thanks to hellofresh for sponsoring this video, now let’s go make some boba! So boba consists of only three ingredients: tapioca starch, brown sugar, and water. We are going to combine 60g of water; now I’m adding 45g of Muscovado sugar — and this contains lots of molasses, that’s why it has this dark, brown color –and we’re just gonna heat this up until the sugar is dissolved. Now we’re turning off the heat and now we’re going to add just a spoonful of our tapioca starch. And then once it’s combined we’re gonna turn the heat back on we’re trying to avoid lumps here So we’re gonna heat this back up until it starts to thicken and then remove it from the heat Okay, okay. Okay, off the heat. Look how its thickened. Isn’t that amazing? The remaining tapioca starch Now it looks like a lot of starch but eventually this will all combine into the dough Now we’re ready to knead now. We’re gonna use a little extra tapioca flour sprinkle our counter. At Xing Fu Tang, they use a stand mixer to actually mix this together. But since this is such a small amount, I’m just gonna knead it. It’s also what cooking tree does in their videos. Now, we’re gonna need this until everything is nicely incorporated And a little bit more tapioca if we need it This is so great, it’s so supple. Listen to that sound, isn’t that great? Now we have this beautiful dough Look isn’t that gorgeous? Look at that beautiful color. I’m gonna work with about half of it at a time Yeah, but you want to keep the other half wrapped up while we’re working with this half So we’re just gonna make snakes here and then we’re gonna cut the snakes into little pieces Now the boba will expand a little bit while we’re boiling them, so make your snakes kind of skinny This is my first time making boba by the way, so I’m certainly no expert. This is just based on what I’ve witnessed in videos. So we’ve got our snakes and now we’re going to cut our pieces as so. See how those pieces are all out Cooking tree shows a technique where you take three of them and put them in your hand and then roll all at the same time And you get three? Bobba, so I’ll be back when I’ve rolled all my boba into balls Now that I’ve rolled out and shaped my boba, I’m going to add them to a pot of boiling water Gonna stir this around Because we don’t want them to stick to each other or to the bottom of the pot So now they’re floating on their surface now, we’re gonna start the timer for 20 minutes So after 20 minutes of cooking We’re gonna turn off the heat keep them covered and let them rest for additional 20 minutes, then we can assemble our drink Alright, see ya in a bit. Now, we’ve got our boba on the side here that we’ve strained Now we’re ready to make our little brown sugar syrup. So we’re gonna heat up a pan and we’re gonna add 35 grams of Muscovado sugar Now we don’t want the heat on too high, we’re not melting this we’re just warming it up So this is the method that I saw in the Xing Fu Tang video that I watched It just warm up the brown sugar and then they add the hot freshly cooked boba Smells incredible smells like molasses, brown sugar This is sugar and sugar burns really easily so we don’t want this to burn We just want everything to be nice and melty and glorious. Oh, that’s so good Okay, so we are finally now ready to assemble our drink. Got myself a glass I’m gonna get my hot boba into my glass And roll the boba around like this and that’s what’s gonna give us our Tiger Stripes. Next, we’re gonna add some ice. Next, our milk. Now I’m just gonna top it with a little bit of slightly whipped cream on top just a little, *purses lips* you know Ahhh, look at it! The tiger stripes disappear pretty quickly, but I did manage to get them. I’m so so pleased So stinking Beautiful. Yes. Okay. So now we mix this up and doesn’t that sound great? Alrighty, let’s give this a taste. Itadakimasu! Oh my good- *inaudible sounds* They’re so good! It’s so stinkin delicious, it’s basically like ice cream You’ve got the heavy cream on top that mixes with the cold whole milk, I use whole milk So it’s rich and creamy it tastes like melted ice cream That little bit of cream floating on top mixed with the whole milk mixed with that little bit of brown sugar that we use to cook the boba and Perfect balance of sweetness. It’s actually less Sugary sweet than ice cream about the richness and sweet in the combination reminds me of ice cream. It’s absolutely wonderful and the homemade boba Absolutely marvelous. So much better actually than the typical manufactured kind. They’re more supple and more tender but still really great and chewy, but they’re not hard in the middle So it’s fun! I love it. Mmm! Absolutely love it. Delicious. I don’t miss the tea at all. Although I might miss the caffeine later So scrumptious, I love this. So if you’re curious and you’ve got the time, I would definitely encourage you to attempt this recipe Be sure to check out the original videos. I will put their links down the description box Thank you guys so much for watching and big thanks to hellofresh for sponsoring this video! Get eight free meals That’s $80 off your first month. But heading over to and use the code Emmy80. Thank you guys again for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one. I hope you guys learned something Please share this video with your friends Follow me on social media. Like this video. Subscribe and I shall see in the next one. Todaloo, take care B Y E ~ So good *more inaudible sounds*