Brown Sugar Milk Tea Recipe (Make Your Own Boba Pearls)

Brown Sugar Milk Tea, also known as Bao Zhong, is a very popular Chinese drink that’s similar to bubble tea. It has a lot of variations in terms of tea flavour and the sweetener used but it’s most commonly made using brown sugar or maltose. Brown sugar milk tea is made using the same technique as Boba or pearl drinks. Here is how you can make your own!

Video Transcript

so we’re making this video today simply because I don’t really understand the whole craze behind milk tea or foam tea or whatever you want to call it [Music] seems to be a lot of them coming out in the market I personally haven’t really tried any which is probably more hi I don’t understand it much so we went ahead to try one of the most popular ones right now making rounds on social media with crazy lines so we’ll get people’s feedback see how they’re going over there [Music] [Music] three hours something like that like [Music] after a huge shift it’s like I did I get this a beauty piece like a note e a time where they can deal with a lot of brown sugar in it it’s like bernie bud I think that the Prince yeah definitely came here milk he’s played football time bomb then it’s creamier [Music] you know it’s not very good the illustrating hey dementia hye-won idk self-esteem it’s pretty intense just for milk tea this is it right here this is the original from Tiger sugar there’s some nice like caramel sweetness undertones to it the tapioca balls or translucent brown I’m not sure if that’s because they’re caramel caramelized sugar thing because they’re only slightly sweet not too sweet nice and chewy I only very very kind of like subtly taste tea but I mean I mean it’s a comforting drink right so it’s a tea milk you know kind of like brainless combination that a lot of people love already and you just make it cold and then obviously the the boba or the tapioca starch or the saga or whatever you want to call it just gives it texture you know it makes it kind of fun to drink so if you want to actually try and brave the lines you know this says great as a tiger go for it but I’m gonna try to hack it at home [Music] so they’re couple of intricate pieces and important pieces to this recipe if we’re gonna get it right one obviously is the tapioca balls themselves the boba balls if you want to call them that and also the syrup because one of the things that Tiger sugar has that a lot of people take pictures of is are those stripes of kind of like I guess you can call it caramel on the side so those are the things we kind of want to try and figure out so the recipe is actually quite simple it gave me a major PTSD from might the host handle I’m making the hope or basically a Filipino breakfast what you want to start off with is actually just dissolve some sugar with some boiling water you’re then gonna throw in your tapioca starch all that goes onto the stove very very very low simmer until it gets really really thick once it gets nice and thick and you want to make sure you’re continuously stirring that so that you’re not burning the bottom or or discoloring it in any way you then roll out everything to really combine that dough get that dough nice and acquainted but itself so it looks like one whole piece cut those into manageable pieces and then roll them out when you’re rolling them out it’s really important to try to get about one centimeter in diameter at the end of the day really it’s up to you how thick or how big you want those bubble balls to be once I completely rolled out you’ll see they’re gonna be kind of sticky you want to roll them into balls make sure that they’re nice and round and then throw them in sand some tapioca starch then comes the next part really simple you want to boil and cook those bubble bubbles for about 20 minutes on a low simmer the way I decided to do it is boil it twice in some sugar water so I went ahead and created a very liquid brown Muscovado sugar syrup in which I cooked the tapioca balls i cooked those for about 15 minutes i didn’t strain them into some nice ice cold water so that they retained that bouncing chewiness once they were nice and cool I went ahead and made a thicker syrup this time same basic ingredients and Muscovado sugar of some water I added a little bit of salt because I think it’ll really just bring out all those caramel bits and flavors in there and then that you cook for about 20 minutes once that’s cooked you want to take everything including a syrup out you’ll see this it’s nice and thick and on the other side what I did to try to get those strings is I got a nice thick just Muscovado and water no tapioca whatever sugar syrup here and that’s what’s gonna line our glass all of this needs to cool down really really well and then obviously you’re gonna start steeping the tea so all you want to do I did two bags over steep a little bit so it has a little bit of that bitterness because it’s gonna be mixed in anyways with some milk later on it really comes down to how strong you want that tea flavor to be in the overall finished product time to make the tea you could actually combine it but I think a little bit of froth would be nice so we’re going to go ahead and grab our oversee bootie put that in a little shaker to that I’m gonna add some full cream whole milk in there the color is always kind of like a pale ish beige brown here you come check it out so this is just one ice cube in there quickly gonna shake that just aerate it a bit at this point it’s really just gonna taste like cold milk tea so that’s mixed you’ll see some bubbles and that’s kind of what I wanted to achieve just a little bitter aeration there now we’re actually gonna go ahead and make the bubble team so I’m gonna start with the pearls and then gonna line the glass with the thicker syrup we can go ahead and fill it in with the tea so you should have something nice and frothy nice and pretty strips on the side all we got to do now is actually tried that’s actually pretty good let me try those pearls look at them right here they’re well cooked through they’re nice and thick so there you have it next time if you don’t want to brave the lines you can make it at home it’s a really annoying recipe to make so I probably wouldn’t suggest it but it’s actually not that long it’s just a lot of in and outs in terms of process here are the total cost to make one portion of a homemade brown sugar milk tea so now it comes down to you how much you value your time and how much of a fan are you of milk tea at the end of the day if you value staying in line for a long time to try milk tea go for it if you want to make it at home go for it as well you keep doing you see ya [Music] you [Music]