BOBA 5 Ways! Favorite BOBA / BUBBLE TEA Recipes You Gotta Try

We’re going to make a lot of boba drinks today, there’s something for everyone so I hope everyone will tell me down below what their favorite one is but I will start with my favorite one Vietnamese coffee time and also I’m drinking this because I need a jolt of caffeine, otherwise I won’t sleep tonight. I’m just going to put some condensed milk in the cup here. So we’re going to be put some condensed milk here, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Okay look at this, now know that you made a cup of that now you’ll need to add boba itself it’s ready for the store if this is good then you should definitely buy it online cause all you have to do is cook

Video Transcript

hey guys today we are gonna make some boba drinks there’s something for everyone so be sure to watch to the end and let me know which one is your favorite but I’m gonna start with my favorite which is the Vietnamese coffee cuz I need that jolt cuz I’m always tired we’re gonna start by adding some condensed milk into a cup it’s just very sweet thick sweetened milk that’s essential to Vietnamese coffee I’m adding like maybe two tablespoons here and then here is my Vietnamese coffee filter this one is a traditional Vietnamese coffee filter it just percolates espresso beans with water down into the cup and you can find this on Amazon it’s really cheap it’s like eight dollars it’s great for camping or bringing along with you anytime you need coffee this isn’t Vietnamese coffee this is not like traditional Vietnamese coffee its coffee with chicory just it just tastes really really good and then I’m gonna fill the coffee filter up with two hefty scoops it’s already pre ground so I don’t need to do much there’s a tamp that you just put right on top drop it down and then we’re gonna fill the Finn that’s what it’s called the filter with some hot water and let her drip so it’ll start coming out fast because your coffee grounds need to balloon but once it does it’ll slow down a bit and I like to kind of press it down a little bit more so that’s around one of filling up the filter I’m gonna do it twice just because for a cup this size kind of lot a lot of coffee if you notice the second time around with the hot water the coffee grounds have bloomed so it’s going through a lot slower so it’s gonna be nice and concentrated I try to cut myself off from Vietnamese coffee by like 2 p.m. otherwise I’m probably not gonna sleep that night okay now I’m gonna add some boba which I’ve already cooked here I’ve cooked enough boba for the entire video so we have a lot of bubas I found a really good boba place online so if you guys want to buy dried tapioca balls that basically look like this and you just cook it up like pasta I’ll link it in the description box below it’s pretty cheap too I’m gonna add a nice spoonful of boba into our drink and then with my spoon I’ll just mix mix mix now we fill it with lots of ice all the way to the top I know this looks pretty thick but the ice I will dilute it and pull it down and this is our villainies iced coffee aka cafe soda with boba are strong and delicious and you guys know I love my coffee isn’t easy so of course I’ve dedicated a whole chapter to it where you can find more delicious Vietnamese drinks and other yummy coffee and tea drinks in my good book be sure to check out the link in the description box below and please please PLEASE pre-order it because that’ll help me get onto the best-selling list which is like a dream so help a girl out alright our next one is a matcha milk boba with cheese foam which is kind of like the matcha dalgona except reversed so first I’m gonna make my matcha I have 1 teaspoon of matcha powder here you can use any kind that you find at the store they’re all really good for drinks so just add it to my bowl and then I’ll pour in about 1/4 cup of hot water and we’ll whisk it up so here I have a traditional matcha whisk which you could just whisk it up in here but like I told you guys in my tiramisu video I actually really prefer using the Aero latte this one is supposed to foam your milk and make it nice and frothy but I found that whiskey or using it for my matcha really dissolves the granules and it just becomes like a lot smoother I think IKEA even carries one of these for like five dollars so pour matcha into a cup and then I usually like my matcha slightly sweetened so here I have some simple syrup I just cooked up some equal amounts of brown sugar light brown sugar with water so like half a cup of brown sugar and a half a cup of water for this I’m just gonna add maybe two teaspoons but you can add as much or as little as you’d like get some of our boba in there some milk ice we’ll set this aside just let it kind of cool do its thing and then I’ll show you guys how to make cheese foam for the cheese foam I’m gonna add two tablespoons of cream cheese and then about a quarter cup of whipped cream and tablespoon of sugar then we’re just gonna whip it up until it’s nice foamy and delicious this is kind of more like cheesecake when they say cheese foam it’s not like salty although they have those salted cheese and I’m not down for salted drinks our cheese foam looks so yummy it’s just probably a little thicker than I’ve wanted it I think that’s too thick like this just add more milk to thin it out because you want it to be kind of thin to mix in with the drink yeah that looks really good okay let’s top it off and then we’ll just give it a final dusting and watch a powder now we give it a try [Music] that is good for the matcha earlier if you don’t want a lot of milk in there you can totally leave it out and just add more water I like the milk combination and the cheese foam the cheese foam will make it kind of milky already so it’s really up to you but this is really good mmm it’s like a matcha cheesecake this next one we’re gonna do is a strawberry black tea milk tea which is so yummy I’m gonna have some fruit bits in there so we’re gonna start by processing our strawberries I have one cup here and I’m gonna add it to my food processor the reason why I’m using a food processor is because I think that it purees it better and then I can control the amount of chunks that I want but you guys will see what I mean this is just a regular mini food prep food processor just work up nothing fancy just give it a little okay so that’s the first round as you guys can see I have like large fruit bits and I love when my milk tea has or even my boba teas have those fruit bits because it just kind of adds to the texture so I’m gonna add some to my shaker you can add as much or as little as you’d like I like a lot and then now we’re gonna puree with us all right now we have a strawberry puree I’m just gonna add some yeah so this is gonna be a doubly strawberry drink then I’m gonna add a little bit of our simple syrup just to sweeten it up slightly some ice and then black tea that I have already brewed so I like making my black tea ahead of time or actually green tea as well you can do green or black I tend to like black um but I just steep it with a bunch of black tea bags with hot water and let it cool down into this jar you can keep it in the fridge so you have iced tea at all times or you can make boba drinks like this close our shaker and just give it a mix mix mix and because I know you guys are gonna ask I got this at Pottery Barn if I can find it I’ll link it in the description box below since this is a boba video some more boba then I’m just gonna open this up the foam on top is so pretty pour it right in tada we have a beautiful black strawberry tea I’m not gonna add milk in it since for fruited drinks like this I tend to like it just pure and it’s so refreshing but with the boba it’s just extra extra yummy might have had a little bit too much boba but that’s okay [Music] this is so yummy I get the strawberry bit and then the strawberry puree with the black tea is just it’s sweet it’s it tastes like summer with boba it’s nice and chewy this is like a strawberry gummy bear in a cup all right so this next one is a really interesting one that I actually craved while I was pregnant I found out about this drink last year from bopomofo which is Wong foo Phil’s boba restaurant um he’s like a YouTube veteran so if you guys want to check it out I have the information in the link description box below you just blend actually I don’t know how they do that this is just my interpretation of it but basically I just blend watermelon into like a watery consistency I have a whole bowl of watermelon it’s probably like 2 cups worth and if you guys want to see how to cut watermelon I have many videos on that at this point with either fun gadgets or by hand but now we’ll just blend this up I’m using my Vitamix here which does a really really great job of just like pulverizing and liquefying any type of fruit and that looks pretty perfect I love watermelon juice I’m gonna start by adding my boba into the cup and won’t add as much as I did last time just one scoop is probably good and then some place our watermelon drink I’m gonna try to fill it up as much as possible up to half way because I want it to be a very even ratio between the watermelon juice and our opal that’s good and now let’s watch some magic happen it’s so cool how the milk kind of just separates from the juice alright at Bupa mofo be somehow make the watermelon and the milks separate so hopefully I can achieve that as well okay mine did not mix so I have no idea how what voodoo magic you guys do to make it separate like that but this still looks pretty cool but that looks really cool maybe I needed to strain the watermelon pulp but I kind of like having it [Music] super tasty either way mmm which creamy and milky yet refreshing with the watermelon you definitely get that POW from the watermelon which is so good mmm try this at home you guys let me know what you think okay so this next one is actually one that I grew up having all the time – the boba but I thought it would go really well with boba and it’s super kid friendly we have a kid here that will be helping me see hi CeCe go say hi to the camera I know say hi but basically it’s an avocado smoothie now if you guys have never tried an avocado smoothie it’s pretty delicious it’s creamy and uh okay let’s spoon it you want to put it in the blender yay and then I like adding half a banana just to make it extra creamy do you want to add half a banana okay yeah you can hold it you can hold it gang you can eat it and then some condensed milk the banana already provides it with a little bit of sweetness but the condensed milk will just kind of balance it all out I’m adding maybe a tablespoon or two here some crushed ice or lattes now at this point you can add any kind of milk you have I have only or I have regular milk yeah I think I’ll do regular milk well no mommy will do it okay just a little bit mommy will do it we might have to add a little bit more milk later to thin it out but I’ll see after i blend it up close the cat nope nope that looks so yummy it looks like matcha kinda you wanna try it yeah delicious we’re gonna add boba just into mine Cece you’re too young for boba you can try it later okay can’t put it in the glass does it look yummy yeah you want to try some in your purple Cup little bad polka no no boba you’re too young oh yeah [Music] avocado ice cream it’s kind of avocado ice cream it’s avocado smoothie okay let’s put our straw the tip the tip goes in here put in here one two three yeah here is our avocado smoothie Cheers [Music] this is a slice of my childhood right here my dad used to make this all the time and my mom we haven’t made it and forever it does taste like avocado ice cream hmm so here we have all of our boba drinks here Vietnamese coffee we have our much a cheese foam I’ll call that much a cheesecake our watermelon Oatley our strawberry black tea and our avocado smoothie it’s hard to say which one is my favorite actually I really love Vietnamese coffee the watermelon oat one I thought was gonna look a lot different please that’s watermelon but anyways let me know in the comment section below which one you guys would try and you can hold it and thanks for watching don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye SEPA bye was it good did you get a bull bar [Music]